Stranger Things season 4© Netflix

Five ’80s Pop Culture Easter Eggs We Found In Stranger Things 4

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Stranger Things season four has taken us on a wild roller coaster ride this season. With Vecna threatening to destroy the entire city of Hawkins, our favourite gang has taken it upon themselves to save their loved ones.

After leaving us on a cliffhanger in part one of this season, we finally got to see part two of the show and some of the most iconic moments. But, let’s be clear, the tiny easter eggs in the show made it way more fun and lively.

The detail-obsessed people that we are, we kept a look out for all the ’80s pop culture references that have made to this season so that it’ll be easier for you to spot. You can thank us layer.

Dustin’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Pin


Stranger Things’ History with the iconic Ghostbusters goes way back. While the original gang of four wore Ghostbusters costumes for Halloween in season two, this season, we can see a pin on Dustin’s bag that reads, “I’ve Been Slimed”, a popular reference from the supernatural-comedy film.

Nancy’s Tom Cruise Poster


We saw that Nancy has a large poster of a young Tom Cruise by her bedside, which is spotted by Robin in this season while they’re getting ready for their undercover mission.

The Return Of The Michael Myers Mask

While the four ghostbusters took on the twon in Stranger Things 2, Max joined them with her own Halloween character—a Michael Myers costume that definitely freaked the boys out. In this season, when the squad is on the run and Eddie Munson needs a mask to hide from the people of Hawkins, Max brings back her trusted old Michael Myers mask.

Vickie And Molly Ringwald’s Uncanny Resemblance


Anybody who sees Robin’s crush, Vickie, can tell that she has an uncanny resemblance to a major ’80s icon, Molly Ringwald. With her short red hair and quirky style, anyone could mistake Vickie for Ringwald’s iconic Pretty In Pink character, Andie.

“Never Tell Me the Odds!” From ‘Star Wars’

How can we talk about the ’80s and not obsess over Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back? During an intense D&D tournament, Dustin says, “Never Tell Me The Odds” as he tries to get the perfect roll on his dice. This iconic line is a quote said by the legendary Han Solo from the third Star Wars film, when he was given extremely low statistics by C-3PO on the success of navigating an asteroid field.

So, while we wait for the final season to come out, how about re-watching the series and finding some more easter eggs!