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5 Reasons You Need To Watch Jenny Han’s ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Jenny Han’s latest adaptation, The Summer I Turned Pretty has already taken the world by storm. After the author’s hit movie series, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Han has created a stir with this feel-good teenage summer series. The story revolves around Isabel “Belly” Conklin, who decided to change things up one summer, but soon finds herself stuck in a love triangle between two brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, that threatens to disrupt their childhood friendship forever. Between having the best summer ever to finally getting her crush to notice her, Belly is up for an intense summer in the beach town of Cousins. If you love a good summer romance filled with a lot of drama and fun, this is the show you need to watch.

If the plot didn’t excite you to start streaming on this dreary Monday morning, here are five reasons why The Summer I Turned Pretty is a show you need to binge-watch right away.

For Belly

An absolute ray of sunshine who has a unique personality and is equal parts sweet and fiery, Belly is the kind of a protagonist that you instantly fall in love with. Played by Lola Tung, Belly’s kindness and love is heartwarming, especially when she stays true to what she believes in, regardless of what others think, which makes us love Belly even more.

For The Summer Romance

What’s not to like about a show that is filled with good-looking characters? Everyone loves a good summer romance, especially if there is a love triangle involved. A good summer romance is all about having the time of your life with that special person, but luckily (or not) for Belly, she has two jaw-dropping Fisher brothers vying for her attention.

For The Feel-Good Plot

Now that we’ve been hit by the monsoon gloom, it’s always a good idea to watch a feel-good show that will make you feel warm and fuzzy. And while this show does take you through a rollercoaster emotions, it also leaves you feeling warm at the end of almost every episode. A special shout-out to Susannah and Laurel’s precious friendship that makes us hope that, maybe one day, we’ll have what they have.

For The Music

While Taylor Swift made the biggest splash by including two songs from her upcoming album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), in show, the series is also filled with some chart-topping tracks that have been timed perfectly with every scene.

For The Character Development

While this show gives us the perfect dose of romance, it also focuses a lot on each and every character. The show documents every character’s journey perfectly, giving each of them a good storyline that makes them more than just supporting actors.