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This Quaint Goan Getaway Should Be On Your Bucket List

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Nayare Ali

Slow life at its best. Lounge. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. And if you yearn for a ‘no party just chill’ break than Anahata Retreat is the resort for you.

Tucked away in a relatively quieter part of Goa, you can almost miss the turn into this narrow lane in Mandrem, which leads you to your destination.

The resort has a cozy homely vibe with spacious and well equipped cottages, overlooking the beach. The cottages include a little balcony overlooking either a garden or you if you are lucky, then the blue sea, which is pristine and not touristy.

Anahata Retreat in Mandrem Goa©Anahata Retreat

Their sole restaurant, L’atelier, overlooks the sea with a very Bali vibe and sand instead of a concrete floor, so you don’t have to really put your best shoes on. This is where you have all your meals. The restaurant offers varied cuisines under one roof.

The portions are delish and sumptuous, that fill you up with satisfaction. Their Goan thali is humongous and can easily be shared between two people, and it has all the local seafood delicacies. Night times are the best since they usually have a band performing for a classic weekend sundowner. You can savour the mood by sipping on their specially crafted cocktails and grooving to the soul/jazz performances.

As we mentioned, the beach is literally a two minute walk from the restaurant and its very quiet this time of the year, so it’s almost like being on a private beach. You can sit under the sundeck and read a book or just watch the waves lap against the shore. You can also go for a long walk; make sure to carry your umbrella, sunblock and even sunglasses and a hat. The weather is rather unpredictable. It pours heavily for a bit and then gets sunny just as suddenly.

Depending on the weather God’s mood, you can even opt for a fun sunset sea-kayaking session along with a trained instructor.

“There are multiple facets of Anahata’s aura right from its location on the beach to its casual yet precise hospitality. However one would realize the overall vibe of Anahata is something which cannot be easily replicated. All our guests feel that they are part of the same tempo and rhythm of the adjoining ocean,” says the charming and gracious host, Suryaveer Singh, Executive Director, Trance Hotels, who ensured that he made this writer’s stay as comfortable as possible.

Yoga at Anahata Retreat©Anahata Retreat

The staff at Anahata Retreat is courteous, and well-trained. You can’t go to Anahata and not partake in their Airo yoga morning session with their in-house instructor. In case you are wondering what Airo is all about, well it’s a fresh spin on aerial yoga and incorporates elements from vinyasa and pilates. The session is energising and a great way to begin the day. You can go for a well-curated bicycle tour, and explore new locales or opt for a scenic car ride that takes you to various vantage points in the neighbourhood. And when you come back tired, you can ask for their masseur to give you that much needed massage. No better way to end the day.

Rooms at Anahata retreat©Anahata Retreat

Anahata Retreat in Mandrem Goa, is the perfect place to re-attune with the earth and return fully energised after a short break, just like this writer did.