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A Gift Guide For Anyone Who Wants To Create A Pinterest-Worthy Kitchen

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Finding the perfect gift for your special one can be quite tricky. But if the person you are finding a gift for has always wanted a Pinterest-y kitchen, then look no further.

We’ve put together an envy-worthy list of kitchen essentials that are functional and pretty, and make for the perfect gifts. They’re also great to add to your personal collection. So, add to cart, stat!

Pastel Ceramic Bowls With Lids

colourful pots©Nestasia

If you want to bring some colour into your kitchen, then these tiny ceramic bowls are the best way of doing that. Ditch the plain white bowls with these microwave and oven-safe pastel ceramic bowls with lids that are pretty and perfect to make some sweet delicacies like soufflé, mousse, and even mud pies.

Assorted Antique Spoon Set

If plain old cutlery isn’t your vibe, then might we suggest this antique-y set instead? The assorted spoon set with rainbow, moon-star, sun, and sunflower handle tops is perfect for indulging in your favourite ice cream or savoury meals.

Iris Wooden Two-Tire Roti Box

Ditch your basic plastic roti box for this beautiful wooden container that promises to keep your rotis hot and fresh for longer. The two-tier box is the perfect table companion, whether to keep hot chapatis or even to use as a sweet box. We especially love the pastel wooden lid with a hand-drawn flower.

Vintage Drinking Goblet

Live your dream cottagecore Pinterest life to the fullest with these stunning glasses. The brown vintage goblet can be your go-to glassware for a special drink with your guests or for a night in with your special someone.

Pink Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

If you’re a baker and like your kitchen to be colour coordinated, this stand mixer is an investment you will never regret. Much better than your electric hand mixer, the stand mixer is a faster and mess-proof option, and it comes in a cute pastel pink. Now you can make those cupcakes and Instagram the process too with this mixer on your counter.

Ceramic Spoon Rester

Things can get quite messy in the kitchen, especially if you are busy cooking a multiple-course meal. So, to help you keep your kitchen, and your counter, a lot cleaner, might we suggest getting this spoon rester that’s equal parts beautiful and helpful?

Scallop Dessert Bowl

Everybody loves to indulge in some delicious homemade dessert, but what makes it better is eating the dessert out of cute scallop-rimmed dessert bowls! Simple yet elegant, these dessert bowls are a perfect addition to your home.

Green Glass Fruit Bowl

Every dining table in an Indian household is empty without a fruit bowl. The current way to store your fruits though is in vintage-chic bowl that can elevate your entire dining table.