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Here’s The TV Show You Should Be Watching Next, Based On Your June 2022 Tarotscope

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

The cards have been dealt and your predictions for the month are in. We went through this month’s tarotscope and figured out the best recommendations for your zodiac signs, based on what the cards had to say. So if you haven’t already, head on over here to glimpse at your tarotscope for the month of June and come back here to find out which TV show you should be binge-watching based on the predictions. Happy watching!

Aries: Schitt’s Creek

Your tarotscope for the month suggests that you’re up for some big changes that signal new beginnings. What better show to encompass all that than Schitt’s Creek? The heartwarming comedy follows the wealthy Rose family as they relocate to the titular small town after they lose their fortune.

Taurus: Money, Explained

The ‘Ten of Pentacles’ card that this month has selected for you indicates that your hard work will pay off, resulting in financial success and stability. While you can watch shows like The Bling Empire or The Real Housewives of Dubai to see how the other affluent folks live, you can check out Money, Explained on Netflix to understand everything you need to know about the basics of money.

Gemini: This Is Us

This month can prove to be emotionally exhausting, according to your tarot card. But it also indicates that you will find the strength to overcome the pain and move forward despite it all. The heartbreaking drama This Is Us is all about dealing with devastating loss and learning to live with grief. It will make you cry but it will also help you process what the month might have in store for you.

Cancer: Parks and Recreation

Stability in your career and relationships is what is in the cards for you this month. You might be amongst the millions who have already binge-watched the show multiple times and can quote lines from it verbatim, so why not give Parks and Rec a comfort watch again? It also helps that Ben and Leslie have one of the most stable on-screen relationships of all time, so you can treat it like a guide if you want!

Leo: Doctor Who

Your card of the month is ‘The Fools’, which suggests ‘childlike innocence, fun, and spontaneity’. You need to open your mind to possibilities to fully explore this side of yourself. Might we suggest giving the British sci-fi drama Doctor Who a chance? The show is about a 900+-year-old alien who travels across time and space on a time machine that looks like a 1950s phone booth. It’s super fun, filled with thrilling adventure, and will give free rein to your imagination.

Virgo: Dead to Me

The cards suggest that you’ve been through a period of turmoil in your life and are facing emotional exhaustion. You need time to heal from the trauma. A really good show to help you understand the emotions you are feeling plus being entertained at the same time is Netflix’s Dead to Me. In the show, a woman learns to process grief and loss through a support group where she learns the power of forgiveness, which is something that can help you move on from whatever this month has in store for you.

Libra: Succession

Sabotage and deception is right around the corner in your workplace, says the cards. While you should be cautious about what you do or say in your workspace, you can also do with a crash course in dealing with difficult work situations from Succession’s Logan family.

Scorpio: Lost

You would need a lot of patience to get through the month, at least according to the cards. Your prediction says that, while good things will happen, you’ll have to learn to patiently wait for it. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, follow our suggestion and binge-watch all the seasons of the classic series Lost. To navigate through all the mind-bending twists and turns and to keep track of all the characters, you would need to draw from untapped resources of patience from the inside, hence solving your problem.

Sagittarius: 30 Rock

This month calls for a heavy dose of self introspection and to have the difficult conversations you’ve been avoiding. The cards also predict an entry of a mentor-like figure in your life who will give you clarity. There is no better mentor-mentee relationship than Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon’s from 30 Rock. Like Liz, you can attempt to gain control of your life through the spiritual and career guidance of your mentor and see where it gets you. Plus it will make you laugh till your sides hurt and that’s always a good thing.

Capricorn: Never Have I Ever

Choices are always welcome, but how difficult can it be to choose between two potential romantic prospects? You might just find out, if your card is to be believed. The tarotscope warns you to be careful before making the choice as it will have long-term impact. Never Have I Ever’s Devi was in your exact same position when she had to pick between Paxton and Ben. Maybe rewatch the first season to know what (not) to do in this situation?

Aquarius: Severance

The cards warn you to be alert this month as you might focus solely on work and fail to maintain the ever elusive work-life balance. Watching Severance, the sci-fi psychological thriller that everyone is talking about, might give you the jolt you need to turn off the laptop and smell the metaphorical roses. The show follows a protagonist who agrees to be a part of a program that separates your work memories from your non-work memories. The results are, as you can predict, not pleasant.

Pisces: Younger

The universe is hard at work for you, it seems! This month, the cards suggest new directions on the career front for you. You will be expected to roll with the punches when it comes to adjusting to this new phase of life. In case you need inspiration from the small screen, no better person than Liza Miller, from Younger, comes to mind. The 40-year-old single mother suddenly finds herself in need of a job to look after her teenage daughter. The only way she can secure a decent job is to pretend to be 26. Which is exactly what she does.