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French President Is Gifting Queen Elizabeth A ‘Well-Behaved’ Horse For Her Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

England is celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen’s reign and France has decided to mark the occasion by sending over one of their most-prized horses for the monarch.

The French embassy in the United Kingdom announced that a ‘well-behaved’ horse has been selected from the president’s Garde Republicaine, personally by President Emmanuelle Macron apparently, and would be presented to the Queen to mark her 70-year-old reign in the country.

The seven-year-old grey Selle Français called Fabuleaux de Maucourt, reportedly, was a part of Macron’s special escort on the Champs-Elysées during the VE Day commemorations earlier this month.

“It is the flagship horse of the regiment’s cavalry,“ General Eric Bio Farina, the Military Commandant of the French Presidency, told Paris Match magazine, ”I wanted a well-behaved horse representative of the regiment that would please the Queen. I believe she is very partial to grey horses. I’m sure that nothing could please her more.”

Farina could be right because, over the years, the Queen has established herself as something of a horse enthusiast. She has also won four of the five flat racing classics she had participated in.

The horse will be presented in Windsor to the Master of the Horse (who else?), who also happens to be one of the Royal Household’s most senior dignitaries.