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This Is The Romantic Comedy You Should Watch Next, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Romantic comedies are a perfect way to escape for a few hours to a world where heartbreak can be cured with a tub of ice cream (and lots of wine) and makeover montages ensure that the love of your life realises you’re perfect and you both walk towards your happy ever after. The trouble comes in deciding which romantic comedy to watch when you’re in the mood for a getaway. Why not look to the stars for inspiration?

If you can decide your interior decor based on your star sign, or your next hairstyle, then why not your next watch? These are the romantic comedies that match perfectly with your zodiac signs. Happy watching!

Aries: 10 Things I Hate About You

Your headstrong, unapologetic, and athletically-inclined self will find a kindred spirit in Kat Stratford and her non-conforming ways. Based on Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew, the movie is one of the most beloved rom-coms out there and you should give it a watch (if you haven’t already) just for Heath Ledger’s rendition of Frankie Valli’s ‘Can’t Keep My Eyes Off You’. It’s worth it.

Taurus: Crazy Rich Asians

You’re someone who values opulence and tradition, which is why Crazy Rich Asians is the perfect fit for you, Taurean. The movie, adapted from Kevin Kwan’s eponymous bestseller, ticks all the boxes, including a super-traditional matriarch, dazzling fashion, and sweeping romance. Plus it brought back classic makeover montages to new-age rom-coms.

Gemini: She’s The Man

When Viola’s school cuts the girls football team, she decides to switch schools, pretends to be her brother, and participates in the annual match. Her resourcefulness and ability to adapt to new circumstances is pure Gemini traits. Plus she has a twin, could there be a better fit?

Cancer: Bridget Jones’ Diary

Like any true blue Cancerian, the titular Bridget is passionate, spontaneous, and often moody. Her sensitive nature leads her to the man of her dreams, but not without a fair share of drama. It’s a classic rom-com that will have you swooning and sighing happily as you see Bridget inch towards her happy ever after.

Leo: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Leos love being dramatic, grand gestures, and classic comedies. So the movie about Toula, a Greek woman belonging to a very traditional and loud family, who decides to get married to a non-Greek man, has drama, big gestures, and many laugh-out-loud situations. Match made in rom-com heaven? We think so!

Virgo: Two Weeks Notice

Nothing pleases a true Virgo more than well-laid plans. This is why practical and tough-on-the-outside (but soft-on-the-inside) lawyer Lucy will make you weep with joy. The reason why this movie continues to be one of the most underrated rom-coms of all times, aside from Sanrda Bullock and Hugh Grant’s inspired pairing, is because at no point does Lucy change her stubborn and pragmatic attitude.

Libra: Pretty Woman

Despite how practical you might seem on the outside, you truly want to be swept off your feet in a grand romance, Libra. Your perfect rom-com needs to have a swoon-worthy romance at the center of it, peppered with a few grand gestures and classic romantic movie tropes like a shopping montage or a climax that involves rushing through peak traffic to confess love. Look no further than the classic rom-com Pretty Woman. Giving it a miss would be a big mistake. Huge.

Scorpio: The Holiday

When Amanda and Iris decide to swap houses (and continents) they exhibited two traits most Scorpios will associate with: being adventurous and passionate enough to take dramatic life-changing decisions. The heartwarming movie is perfect for your next date night in as it will make you laugh, cry, and yearn for a life where you live in a quiet, English cottage with Jude Law around the corner. The last bit is not necessarily restricted to your zodiac sign, but is a nice aspiration to have.

Sagittarius: Sweet Home Alabama

Hear us out. Sagittarians are all about the spirit of adventure and being straightforward about what they want. Who better than Melanie Smooter (not Carmichael) than to embody that? Melanie left her small Southern town behind to make it big as a designer in the city and when she wanted to marry the senator’s son, she didn’t think twice before hopping in a car and going back to her hometown to demand a divorce from a husband she had been separated from for years. Yes, things didn’t turn out exactly the way Melanie planned, but it’s the sentiment that counts, right?

Capricorn: The Proposal

Margaret and Andrew start off as professional associates but grow to be more after Andrew helps Margaret out in a difficult situation and they have to pretend to be in a relationship in front of Andrew’s family. Both the characters are opinionated and practical, traits that most Capricorns share, so you’ll feel right at home with these characters.

Aquarius: Always Be My Maybe

You’re not unemotional. On the contrary, an Aquarius person is highly emotional but often runs away from the expression of it. But when you find the right match for yourself, you know how to hold on to it well and good. Always Be My Maybe has childhood sweethearts Sasha and Marcus confront their emotional distance when they reconnect after 15 years.

Pisces: 27 Dresses

Your compassionate and caring nature often lands you in situations you might not want to be necessary. This is why evergreen bridesmaid Jane is your soul sister. Jane is a great friend who finds it difficult to say no to any of her loved ones when they ask her to be their bridesmaid, including her younger sister who is getting married to Jane’s longtime crush and boss. Pisces, be ready to weep and laugh as Jane stumbles through her journey of growing a spine and confronting her problems head on.