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Jungkook From BTS Just Made His Animated Debut In A Disney Show!

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

K-pop fans who have been wanting to see BTS’ Jungkook collaborate with artists like rapper Jessi and Big Bang’s G-Dragon inched a little closer to their dream recently.

The vocalist from K-pop supergroup BTS featured as an animated character on Disney channel’s Peabody Award-winning show The Owl House recently. The singer was accompanied by Jessie, G-Dragon, and Taemin too.

The show’s director and storyboard artist Bo Coburn shared a screenshot from the show on her Instagram Stories. The scene featured the K-pop stars, with Jungkook sporting purple hair from ‘Butter’ era. “I still can’t believe that Dana let me get away with this, but I’ll always be grateful,” wrote Coburn, “Got to put in some of my favorite artists and represent the music and culture a tiny bit.” Dana Terrace is the creator and showrunner of The Owl House.

The Owl House K-pop stars cameo©Bo Coburn

The show’s retakes director Vesela Stamenova also shared the screenshots on her Instagram, saying, “I had so much fun making his tattoo design. My first pass of design had every single of his tattoos but that would of been too much for animating. As for his hair I couldn’t let go, it had to be done the butter way. I hope you all enjoyed the episode and these amazing characters.”

This is not the first time K-pop celebrities have been part of popular animation projects. In 2019, MONSTA X made a cameo in Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears and fans have speculated that BTS’ Jimin was the inspiration for Tae Young, a character from Disney Pixar’s Turning Red.

What do you think of your favourite K-pop stars making their animated debuts?