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This Taylor Swift-Themed Treadmill Workout Is TikTok’s New Favourite Fitness Trend

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Taylor Swift is a star, an icon, a symbol of grace, and now a workout motivator. Tik Tok has been taken over by yet another workout trend but, this time, it’s all about Ms. T Swift. Doing cardio can be super exhausting, but as challenging as it is, cardio is a brilliant form of exercise.

So, to make life (and your workout) even better, Swifties on TikTok have taken the initiative of sharing with the world a one-of-a-kind workout playlist that will make you feel like you’re grooving at her concert instead of a treadmil. The creator of the trend, Allie Bennett, who is known for her treadmill routines and playlists blessed us with the Taylor Swift workout trend and playlist.

Here is how you can shake it off and get on with the workout routine.

How To Do The Taylor Swift Workout Routine

Start the routine by finding your pace to the beat of ‘The Man’ and then keep increasing the speed by .1 mph after every song. Make sure that your playlist isn’t on shuffle or on loop since the playlist is curated to match the speed and intensity of your workout. You can also customise the speed according to your fitness level and comfort zone.

  • Walk to ‘The Man’ at 3.4 mph
  • Keep walking to ‘How You Get The Girl’ at 3.5 mph
  • Walk to ‘Message In A Bottle’ at 3.6 mph
  • Walk to ‘Better Than Revenge’ at 3.7 mph
  • Walk to ‘New Romantics’ at 3.8 mph
  • Walk to ‘You Belong With Me’ at 3.9 mph
  • Walk to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ at 4.0 mph
  • Start walking fast or run to ‘Shake It Off’ at 7.0 mph
  • Continue walking fast or start running to ‘Ready For It’ at 7.0 mph
  • Cool down by walking slowly to ‘Style’ at 3.0 mph

A slow build, intense cardio workout, TikTok has given us one of the best workout regimes of all time. Start walking, you guys!