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Kim Kardashian Has Been Banned From Buying Certain Kinds Of Ferraris

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

You’d think brands would be lining up to get an endorsement, or even a shout out, from the most popular and successful Kardashian herself. But as it turns out, Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari doesn’t fully agree.

As a response to reports that Kim Kardashian has been added to an alleged blacklist of celebrities banned from buying a Ferrari, a company spokesperson said that she is only banned from purchasing certain kinds of Ferrari, including the exclusive models. The spokesperson claimed that Ferrari reserves the right to decide on special editions. So while she is not banned completely, she can’t buy some Ferraris.

Kardashian isn’t the only one who can be refused a Ferrari. Justin Bieber also found himself in hot water with the car company in 2015 after he altered the appearance of his 458 Italia and auctioned it off. According to the company’s contract with the buyer, customers cannot make excessive modifications to the vehicle or sell it within the first year of purchase. Other celebrities rumoured to be on this blacklist are rapper 50 Cent and actor Nicholas Cage.

The company hasn’t revealed a reason as to why Kardashian has been banned from buying certain models of Ferrari.

We can just chalk it up to another day of realising the gap between the problems of the rich and the fabulous and the general population.