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Andy García and Gloria Estefan Are Bringing Back Some Wedding Fun In The Latest Trailer Of Father Of The Bride

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

A movie night favourite that has a special place in our hearts, Father Of The Bride is back with its latest adaptation starring Andy García and Gloria Estefan. Based on the 1949 novel with the same title, the story was first adapted in 1950, starring Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, and Elizabeth Taylor, making it one of the most succeful romantic-comedies of that time. In 1991, it was once again remade into a film starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton, which is to date our go-to film whenever we want to watch something funny yet heartwarming.

Nearly after 30 years, the third adaptation is all set to become our new favourite Father Of The Bride film. Starring Andy García and Gloria Estefan the movie yet again shows the father of the bride preparing to wed his darling daughter off but, only this time, there is a slight twist. While the entire family is ecstatic about Sophia getting married, the parents of the bride have been hiding a tiny detail from their daughter—they want to get a divorce. While they put on their biggest smiles and play the role of a happy couple to prepare for their daughter’s wedding, lost feelings threaten to come up to the surface, threatening to reveal their relationship.

Releasing on June 16, this film is the perfect summer rom-com to watch on date night!