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A$AP Rocky Teases His New Single With A Special Appearance By His Lady Love, Rihanna

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

A$AP Rocky just shared a teaser of his new video on social media, but it’s Rihanna’s special appearance that’s got fans around the world going wild. In the short clip, ‘The Monster’ singer can be seen being swarmed by paparazzi as she walks down the sidewalk and gets out of the tour bus with her rapper boyfriend. Rumors started flooding social media about Rihanna finally getting out of her musical hiatus, leaving fans excited beyond their imagination.

The ‘Sundress’ rapper is all set to release his latest single ‘D.M.B.’, after a turbulent month. The cover art of the song features drawings of musical legends as they hang out on a fire escape, with the tagline “A Ghetto Love Tale”.

In other news, soon-to-be-parents, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are all set and prepared for the arrival of their baby, who is due any day now. The couple has been spotted making various red carpet appearances and Rihanna’s been dropping one sexy maternity look after another. We know, we’ve liked them all.

So now we’ve got two things to look forward to: Rihanna’s baby as well as A$AP’s new single. It’s going to be an exciting month!