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This Is Not A Drill! A New BTS Album Is Releasing In June And It Looks Like They’re Going Back To Their Roots With This One

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

It’s been a while since global sensations BTS released an album (513 days to be precise, not that we’ve been marking dates on our calendars or anything) and the long comeback-less drought might be ending. Just in time, we say, as we try to dig ourselves out of the increasingly-convincing fan theory posts about Jungkook being the reincarnation of Princess Diana.

The Korean band surprised fans by teasing the date of the comeback at the end of their ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ concert series in Las Vegas on Sunday. At the end of the show, a short teaser featuring the boys’ music video clips from their debut era to their latest release played on screen and ended with a black screen displaying the date ‘10. 6. 2022’, hinting that it’s the date of the new album release.

A few hours later, it was officially confirmed by the band’s parent company Big Hit Music that the new album will be released on 10th of June this year, a few days before the band’s ninth anniversary on the 13th of June.

While the official statement revealed that further details of the upcoming album will be shared soon, fans have started piecing together clues from the band’s cryptic social media posts and old interviews to come to the conclusion that BTS might be going back to their roots with this one.

BTS member Suga had said in an interview with BBC Radio 1 that the group is planning to churn out more hip-hop tracks in the future, reminiscent of their debut tracks. Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg was also confirmed as a collaborator for the new album by the band.

While we’d have to wait for Big Hit to confirm if BTS is going back to their hip-hop roots with the new album, it’s back to the ‘Kim Namjoon as Different Bottles of Gin’ Twitter threads for us…