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5 Shoot Locations To Add To Your Bucketlist If You Loved Crash Landing On You

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Hasina Khatib

If you are anything like us, you likely spent the better part of the pandemic cuddled on the couch with endless reruns of Crash Landing On You for company. One of the most popular dramas to hail from South Korea, with a whopping 21.98 percent ratings, the show is known as the gateway drama for first-time watchers.

As travel restrictions cautiously lift across the world, here are all the filming spots to visit if you’re looking to experience the magic of Yoon SeRi and Captain Ri JeongHyeok’s love for yourself:

Hallasan National Park In Jeju Island, South Korea

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The scene of the titular crash landing after Yoon SeRi’s paragliding adventure goes wrong is set in South Korea’s beautiful Hallasan National Park in Jeju Island. While you may or may not run into a hunky military captain on your trails, the scenic vistas still make it a popular choice with tourists.

Commodore Hotel In Busan, South Korea

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An ideal place to run into ex-fiances, Commodore Hotel in Busan is the go-to spot for characters visiting Pyongyang in the show. With its historical architecture, the hotel will help you immerse yourself in the local culture—though Captain Ri recommends sweeping your room for listening devices first.

Hantan River Sky Bridge In Pocheon, South Korea

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You’ll come for the scenery, and stay for the life-changing epiphanies. It is on a leisurely stroll on this architectural marvel that Captain Ri and Yoon SeRi realise that they have been destined for each other all along. If you don’t have a reclusive North Korean military man by your side, you’ll still want to make the trek to enjoy the incomparable panorama from this 200-metre long bridge erected 50 metres above the ground.

Lake Brienz In Iseltwald, Switzerland

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Apart from playing host to troubled pianists haunted by their past, the village of Iseltwald on the southern shore of Lake Brienz also promises scene-stealing views and quaint architecture. Captain Ri’s piano performance, in particular, was filmed in a private residence next to the Harbour Isetwald.

Byeolmaro Observatory In Yeongwol, South Korea

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Adventure beckons at the Byeolmaro Observatory In Yeongwol, where Yoon SeRi first forth in a lavender paragliding suit, unaware that she would land in Captain Ri’s arms. While paragliding experiences aren’t available to the general public—and non-heiresses—at the observatory, the hilltop planetarium is worth a visit for its celestial observations.