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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Marvel’s Newest TV Series ‘Moon Knight’, Starring Oscar Isaac

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

One of the most anticipated shows from Marvel Studios, Moon Knight is finally here with its first episode and it’s definitely worth the wait. Part of Phase Four of MCU, the show couldn’t be more different than what we’ve come to expect from the Studio.

In the show, mild-mannered, insomniac, museum worker Steven Grant discovers his strange visions are actually because he is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, and is actually a mercenary named Marc Spector. Now Steven/Marc have to work together as they find themselves involved in a thrilling mystery involving ancient Egyptian Gods and a terrifying cult. Oh and also, Marc can channel the powers of an ancient Egyptian Moon God called Khonshu, hence the name.

The show stars Oscar Isaac in the titular role, with Ethan Hawke taking on the role of the antagonist. Ramy actress May Calamawy plays the role of archaeologist Layla El-Faouly. In case you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should be watching the show, here are five good reasons it should be on your watchlist…

Oscar Isaac

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The incredibly talented Oscar Isaac makes his Marvel debut with the series. To nobody’s surprise, the actor shines in the role (or roles, to be accurate). Whether it’s as the meek gift-shop employee to a ruthless mercenary, Isaac immerses himself in these polar opposite roles and gives us a new superhero to be excited about.

A non-generic superhero

MCU’s Phase Four has given us TV series that have strayed far from the usual tropes by exploring complex themes and layered characters. With Moon Knight, we get a superhero show that we’ve not seen before. The main character serves as an unreliable narrator and the story blends multiple genres, including action, horror, fantasy, adventure, and dark comedy, into one.

Egypt as never before

In a panel discussion, director Mohamed Diab revealed the Egyptiology aspect of the story was what majorly attracted him to the show, “As an Egyptian, we always see us depicted or the Middle East depicted in a way that is – we call it orientalism when you see us as exotic and dehumanized. Just showing us as a human, just normal human beings, through Layla’s character and seeing even Egypt as Egypt because 90 percent of the time, Egypt is not Egypt. Imagine Paris and you’re seeing Big Ben in the background. That’s how we see our country. So it’s funny, but it hurts.”

Complex storyline and characters

The show doesn’t stray away from the original comic book, keeping most of the complex themes and mind-bending storylines intact. While the underlying concept is the same as any other superhero movie or TV show out there (you know, the whole ‘save the world from potential catastrophe’ thing?), the show offers fresh writing and layered characters through whom we can explore this new universe.

Did we mention Oscar Isaac?

C’mon. It’s Oscar Isaac doing a passably good British accent. Need more reasons?

You can stream the first episode of Moon Knight on Disney+ Hotstar right now...