Kriti Sanon Street Style© Getty Images

Kriti Sanon On Her Street Style And The Celebrity Whose Style She “Absolutley Loves!”

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

“I think sneakers are the perfect accessory to any outfit,” says Kriti Sanon, as we catch up with her at the recent Skechers store launch in Gurgaon and ask her how she would ideally style a pair of Skechers, “If you take a pair of really brightly coloured Skechers, which is personally my preference, then you can pair it with something basic like a ganji, and a pair of denim shorts or Boyfriend jeans and you’re good to go.”

Kriti Sanon in Skechers store launch©Skechers India

The actress picks the iconic #Lovewall heart-trim sneakers, from the brand’s recent collaboration with LA-based artist James Goldcrown, as her favourite of the lot. “I love that it’s so colourful and vibrant,” she says, adding, “It’s got all these hearts all over them which I love!” She defines her street style as being a mix of cool, chic, comfortable, and (in her own words) moody, “There are times when I go basic and just wear a crop top and a pair of jeans. But sometimes I feel like dressing up, so I pick a maxi or a nice summer dress.”

Despite what her numerous public appearances would suggest, Sanon firmly places herself in the ‘Flats Over Heels’ team for her off-duty style. “I’m not a heels person at all, so I generally prefer pairing whatever I’m wearing with sneakers or a pair of flats.”

Sanon says she doesn’t have a fashion icon whose style she aspires for, but she loves the way Hailey Bieber dresses. “I think her style is very laid back and cool, but it always varies. She could be wearing an oversized sweatshirt with short shorts one day and a tailored blazer with exaggerated shoulder details another day. I feel like she varies between comfortable and cool and I really like that.”

The Mimi actress has played a wide variety of roles over the years, from small town girls to royalty in period dramas. Evidently, her characters have had a wide range of styles and Sanon has her favourites out of them. “If I had to adopt one of my character’s styles IRL, it would definitely be Saira from Raabta, as she was someone who lived in Budapest and had a very cool style, and even Maira from Bachchan Pandey, whose style was something I loved, with all the cargo pants and boots.” When asked whose style she would avoid at all costs, the actress laughs and says, “I think Bitti from Bareily Ki Barfi was very far away from me, fashion wise. Even though I loved the fact that she wore sweaters and pajamas all day long and I would love to do that myself, but to step out looking like that in the days of paparazzi is extremely difficult!”

The actress reveals that she has learned a few tricks and hacks from her stylists over the years to tweak any basic look and make it just a little bit more stylish. “It’s just these small tweaks like, rolling the bottom of my jeans, or knotting my shirt and not just wearing it as is. I love rolling the sleeves of my T-shirts, or just knotting them to convert them from a regular tee to a cropped tee.”

So there you have it. Comfortable, cool, and chic are the keywords to follow if you want to dress like the actress!