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#HELLOExpertGuide Ft. Raseel Gujral: How To Invest In Your First Statement Decor Piece

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Every space needs that one design element that would draw your attention to it. It could be a vivid, printed rug, or a dramatic light fixture, it needs to catch the eyes of anyone who enters the space. A statement decor piece like that could completely change the interiors of the space and if not done right, could become an unpleasant eyesore.

One of India’s most celebrated architects and interior designers Raseel Gujral agrees with this. “You can transform very banal environment to sublime or dramatic environment, but introducing just one statement,” she says, adding, “By virtue of something being the statement means it should have timeless appeal for the person who is buying it. So, it should be something that you absolutely fall in love with, and it might be in a position A today, then it might be in a position B tomorrow as your life changes and grows, but it’s something that you always will be committed to,” she says. Fret not, the decor expert is here to guide you through the process of selecting a statement decor piece for your space.

Raseel Gujral’s Guide To Adding A Statement Decor Piece To Your Home

What makes a decor item a ‘statement’ piece?

“The list is endless,” the architect exclaims, “It can include carpets, lamps, chandeliers, sculptures, art and cushions, coffee table books, and memorabilia.”

What’s a Rule of Thumb to follow while shopping for a statement decor item?

Gujral’s most important advice, when it comes to introducing a statement decor item in your space, is to keep the focus on the one statement piece. “I think that statement pieces what’s important is that there should be no conflicting attention-grabbing elements,” she says, “So, in order for something to make a statement, everything else needs to be quiet and hence be in harmony and let this spotlight shine on the statement.”

What are some mistakes you can avoid?

Aside from not following the ‘less is more’ principle, the celebrity architect reveals another thing people get wrong while shopping for a statement piece. “ I think a lot of times people mistake ‘statement’ for either price or for size or for trend,” says Gujral, “So it could be all of those things and none of those things so long as you love it, it makes a statement.”

Should you have a statement piece if you’re live in a small space?

Gujral insists that you can make a statement with your decor, regardless of the space you’re living in. “What you need to consider is the same factors we’ve talked about before, that it should hold meaning and that ‘less is more’.”