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5 Wellness Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere In The Post-Pandemic Era

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Hasina Khatib

The onset of a never-seen-before pandemic disrupted everyday life in ways big and small. However, in an interesting twist of irony, this time of minimal contact with the outside world is underscored by a greater need for decompression. So, how can you rest, recharge and take care of yourself—mind, body and soul—when there are newer variants on the loose?

Emerging Wellness Trends

Slow Travel

As an unprecedented pandemic held the world captive for two years, the travel industry was put on the backburner. But as we cautiously look forward to a fully-vaccinated future, the spotlight will be placed on intention-focused travel. Think wellness retreats over beachside resorts coupled with a greater focus on connecting with local people and cultures, as opposed to just getting more stamps on a passport or blindly crossing off names on the bucketlist.

Home Exercises

Likewise, the pandemic-induced lockdowns haven’t been kind on gyms either, and in light of newer variants, it comes as little surprise that at-home exercises are finding more takers. Minimal equipment exercises are the order of the day, but this trend also intersects with another tenet of fitness—group exercises to deliver the much-needed social connection that we’ve been deprived of these past few years.

Immunity First

One of the few welcome mementoes from the global health crisis is a heightened focus on our physical health and more specifically, our immunity. Supplements and home remedies that can fortify the same have been steadily escalating in popularity, with ingredients like turmeric and vitamin C being called upon to boost the immune system and ward off ailments.

Digital Detox

With the world suspended in limbo, the digitalverse was our comfort zone and our solace—a medium to connect with others at a time when we had been severely deprived of human contact and social connection. However, the over-dependence on our devices has forced companies to reevaluate and acknowledge that people need to take time off in the form of digital detoxes to replenish their mental reserves. Instagram introducing the ‘Take A Break’ feature to encourage users to focus on their well-being is a step in this direction.

Touchless Spas

Every form of human contact was suspect for the past two years, and the touch-focused industry of spas and wellness treatments has been evolving to match pace with modern needs. Touchless offerings are growing increasingly ubiquitous, such as sauna, sweat bathing, cold therapy and salt inhalation among other self-administered treatments to lure touch-averse customers back to the table.