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6 Wedding Photographers Who Will Make You Feel Like A Bollywood Star On Your Special Day

Aishwarya Dravid
Head Digital

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is almost as important as finding the right partner— you need to click. We also understand that searching for the right photographer is a mammoth task, so we’ve done the work for you. So, here are six photographers that will fit like a glove. Trust us!

Wedding Photographers

Stories by Joseph Radhik

Remember the dreamy pictures from Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s gorgeous Tuscany wedding? Or more recently, the beautiful images from Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s wedding ceremony? Yes, those were captured by the talented guys at Stories By Joseph Radhik. No one does candid quite like these lensmen, and that shows in their photographs. So if you’re looking to get photographs that would conjure up the same emotions of the big day no matter how many times you see them, then these are your guys.

Karan Sidhu

He’s Delhi’s most sought-after wedding photographer—and with good reason. Perfectly set portraits juxtaposed with candid pictures in interesting angles, Karan Sidhu’s work is all encompassing. You will be sure to find some of those piercingly intense shots that make you stop in your tracks and then more still that would warrant a giggle from an onlooker, which is what makes him so popular. Every image comes to life behind the watchful eye of Sidhu.

Sam & Ekta

Every moment they capture seems like straight out of a movie. With beautiful backdrops, perfect settings, interesting silhouettes and clever use of light, these guys don’t just give you photographs; they give you works of art. Remember that black-and-white image of Mohit Marwah and Antara Motiwala? Now imagine every single picture just as beautiful. That’s Sam & Ekta for you.

The Wedding Salad

Another Mumbai-based crowd favourite, the guys behind The Wedding Salad are all about the movement. Beautiful shots of flowers being showered mid-motion, the garland being put around the groom, the father of the bride in the middle of his hook step—these guys know how to capture a moment in a split second. That’s probably why every picture of theirs brings a smile to your face. So if you’re looking for photographers that will be able to capture every single dance move, laugh, hug and tear, we believe you’ve just found them.

Mark Swaroop

This Glasgow-based photographer wasn’t as popular until pictures from Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s beautiful Lake Como wedding sent social media into a tizzy. That image of Deepika with mehendi on her hands and Ranveer by her side is one that perfectly encapsulates Mark Swaroop’s style—fun, real and capturing moments when you least expect them.

House on the Clouds

These Bengaluru-based wedding photographers have a distinct style—one that combines grandeur with an endearing softness. So consider larger-than-life shots of the bride dancing, followed by intimate moments of her with her girlfriends. It’s always the perfect mix. Every picture tells a story and transports you to the day. What else do you need from your photographer?

This has been adapted from a story that was originally published in HELLO! India’s October 2021 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!