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This Is The Right Career For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Chharu Dhingra

As the financial year comes to an end in March, it sets a fertile ground for a lot of us to introspect and reflect on our professional dreams and aspirations. Among the numerous decisions we make in our lives, one of the most important ones is choosing a professional life that’s fulfilling, rewarding and a true reflection of our identity.

It is, however, a very daunting task to understand what your qualities and innate traits are that can guide you into choosing a profession that will not just enhance your personality, but also bring you abundance and prosperity professionally.

Now, what if we tell you that we can help break it down for you. You just need to focus on three things—what you Attract , what is your Background, and which Career options make the most of your natural abilities. Intrigued? Well, here’s your answer.


You Attract: Strength and power.

Your Background: The 1st house ruled by Mars, Aries are confident beings who usually tend to rely only on themselves and are go-getters once they set their mind to something.

Your Career: Channelise your natural energies in the right direction by choosing career options that require you to use your pulsating physical as well as mental strength to succeed. A career in the sports and fitness industry, jewellery and metal, army and defence forces are most suitable for you.


You Attract: Money and luxury.

Your Background: The 2nd house ruled by Venus, Taureans are patient in their approach because of their sheer resilience.

Your Career: The more you are around money, the more you will mint it. A career in banking and finance, venture capital and investments—the luxury sector is most suitable for you.


You Attract: Community and conversations.

Your Background: The 3rd house ruled by Mercury, Geminis are naturally social and easily adjust in every surrounding with their wit and charm.

Your Career: Put all that smooth talking to good use by choosing a profession that requires communication as a priority skill. A career in media and journalism, marketing, sales and advertising, even HR and counselling is most suitable for you.


You Attract: Service and care.

Your Background: The 4th house ruled by the Moon itself, Cancerians are natural caregivers and nurturers with high emotional sensibilities.

Your Career: A profession where you put your skills to serve others will always flourish and bring you contentment. A career in the hospitality or F&B industry, health (hospitals) and medicine will be most suitable for you.


You Attract: Fame and stardom.

Your Background: The 5th house ruled by the Sun, Leos are enthusiasts who spread affection with a dash of drama but are also natural leaders who take charge in times when most people are afraid.

Your Career: You are born to rule. Your starry personality and natural charisma lands you in positions where you command power and gain a huge fan following. A career in the film and entertainment industry, fashion industry, top MNCs and politics is very suitable for you.


You Attract: Solutions and precision.

Your Background: The 6th house ruled by Mercury, Virgos are natural healers and their intuitions are guided by the universe. It is rightly said that nothing goes unnoticed by a Virgo and they see what others fail to observe.

Your Career: With such an eye for details, a career in research and analysis will be great for you. Interior Designing, Event Planning and Engineering are also some good career options.


You Attract: Justice and balance.

Your Background: The 7th house ruled by Venus, Librans seek balance and stability in all aspects of their life and are creatively blessed.

Your Career: Your consistent strive for justice will make you a great lawyer judge, or an IAS officer. Capitalising on your passion for art and music will also be very beneficial.


You Attract: Mystery and truth.

Your Background: The 8th house ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpions have a tendency to get to the bottom of everything, even if it means completely dismantling everything to reconstruct from the very start.

Your Career: With the nature to rebuild, you also observe the minutest of details, a career in investigative journalism, criminology, radiology as well as astrology and spiritual healing is best suited for you.


You Attract: Adventure and freedom.

Your Background: The 9th house ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians attract all things extravagant. Their larger-than-life personalities are crowd pullers and don’t go unnoticed.

Your Career: A path where the world is your stage, and through which you can reach out to a wide audience, like travel journalism, politics, media, publishing and advertising will bring you professional prosperity.


You Attract: Entrepreneurship and hustle.

Your Background: The 10th house ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are people who have the business bone in their body. Their enterprising attitude keeps them in responsible positions that require them to remain patient.

Your Career: Business and entrepreneurship run in your blood. If you run a startup, are in an executive position, in a leadership role or in the real estate business, success will pave your way.


You Attract: Innovation and reformation.

Your Background: The 11th house ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Aquarians are always on the lookout for what’s more, which drives them towards innovation and discoveries.

Your Career: Your quest for uniqueness and knowledge will make you great scientists, reformers, social servants and career counsellors.


You Attract: Art and movement.

Your Background: The 12th house ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, Pisceans are mysterious beings who are as intuitive as they are imaginative. They draw inspiration from their compassion and are receptive towards messages from the divine.

Your Career: Be close to your natural element, water, and let it wave its wand in your professional life. Merchant Navy and naval services are careers where you will see success and places of solitude like hospitals and libraries will be flourishing businesses. Your perspective towards life will also make you a great musician, poet, artist and dancer.