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What Your Birth Number Says About Your Fortune In March 2023

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Sanjay B Jumaani & Aneesh S Jumaani

How to calculate your number

Begin with your date of birth.

Reduce the date to a single digit, if you’re born on a double-digit date, by adding the digits involved. For example: If you’re born on the 12th of a month, your number is 1 + 2 = 3.

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On the work front, you could make up for some of the lost chances. This month could open a new chapter for you financially, with added savings. You could shine socially, too, but keep in mind that excessive materialism often ruins the real pleasures of life. Keep yourself just sufficiently engaged to avoid stretching yourself too thin. Set a boundary between excessive work and inactivity. Also, give your back special attention.


No. 2 (Moon), often known as the land of dreams, is associated with creativity, psychic insight, deception and confusion. Moon is more in the mental or subtle realm and regulates spirituality. No. 3 (Jupiter), which governs this Pisces-ruled month, can provide motivation and energy, support ambition and release repressed hunger or desire. This may even help you reduce your anxiety and enable you to unleash the productivity that’s been in hiding.


Because of your practicality and calculative temperament, No. 3s are typically excellent with accounting and bookkeeping. So it appears likely that this Pisces (No. 3) period will bring you a month with greater financial security. March will bestow you a chance at something you’ve wanted to do for a while or perhaps experience significant advancement in your existing line of work. ‘Fly free like a No. 3’ should be your mantra this month.


Because March is ruled by No. 3 (Jupiter, the planet of progress, wisdom and knowledge), you can anticipate steady growth in your professional life. Spend less and save more so you can spend more when the occasion arises. There may be a leak in your pockets. Be wise with any additional income that may come in. Bear in mind that failure isn’t always dependent on immediate profit or loss. Keep your focus on the big picture! Don’t act on a spur of the moment to avoid consequences!


Planets of knowledge and wisdom, No. 5 (Jupiter) and No. 3 (Mars) are both in line. You should prosper on all fronts since Pisces (No. 3) rules March, and you’re a No. 5! Thus, you can achieve great success in your line of work. Expect receiving enough credit for what you deserved but didn’t get previously. No. 3 will make you practical and disciplined. The height of your good days could last until March 20 because then comes the Aries (No. 9) period, which isn’t one of your best numbers.


Numerology followers are aware that 3, 6, and 9 are a family. Your dedication and labour will pay off this month as it’s governed by Pisces (No. 3) and Aries (No. 9). Take advantage of every chance, whether it’s at business or while mending a tense relationship. People edging closer to moving into a new home, launching a new business, or searching for a career change, could make huge leaps. Investors looking at long-term gains may experience a field year.


This period could stir things up for you, but try to maintain mental equilibrium. Be wary of people taking you for granted. Not everyone is as compassionate as you! Your ruler, Neptune, will trigger your intuition before things go out of hand. Pay heed to it. Also pay extra attention to your health in March because depression may send you on a wild goose chase, but your fortitude will assist you in quick recovery. Finances this month may be in the green.


Your laborious efforts and patience are traits associated with your ruler, Saturn, and will now bear fruit. Because of this, your pockets will start to fill up this month; use every cent wisely. Any of these — a job change, a move to a newer house, or marriage — seem likely to materialise. Short-term investments are useless, and the long-term is your calling. Saturn, the god of tests and verdicts, does not support speculation or get-rich-quick schemes.


Due to the influence of Pisces (No. 3; Jupiter) and Aries (No. 9; Mars), this is one of your most fortunate times. In particular, during your Aries period, you’ll have opportunities to progress on the work front. When things get hot, try not to lose your cool. Avoid the urge to start a fight. All it takes is one instant to topple an empire. Your Martian energy will only be benefited through exercise.

Disclaimer: While these properties are generic, all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you. Your zodiacal qualities may supersede some attributes of your primary numbers.

This has been adapted for the web from a story originally published in the March 2023 issue of HELLO! India. Get our copy of the latest issue right here!