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Your Horoscope For The Second Week Of December, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Welcome, Aries, to a week of productivity. Use this week wisely in regard to trusting people and creating boundaries for yourself professionally. This full moon allows you to close chapters that serve no purpose to you anymore. You will also say goodbye to social relationships. Get ready, because this week gives you the ability to be mentally and emotionally strong. You need to allow your light to shine brightly.


Welcome to a week of exploration. This is not about going deep within, it’s about looking at what is around you, and what you’re surrounded with energetically, politically, emotionally and mentally. Spontaneous travel is expected and you should jump right into it. Couples, it’s time to turn up the heat and get ready for some passionate evenings. Singles, you’re finally saying “No” and “Goodbye” to the disruptive parties in your personal relationships, enjoy it.


Welcome Gemini, you’re going to say goodbye to dramatic people and close those chapters this week. Your perspective will guide you correctly and your approach towards dealing with intimate relationships is just right, so stand your ground. Spontaneous work travel will come up and you must act on it. Remember to appreciate the simpler things around you; you are loved and it’s high time you enjoy it.


Welcome, Dear Cancer, to a week where everywhere you go you shall reconnect emotionally with old friends and family. Your confidence is brilliant, and your ability to communicate is fantastic. The transition of this week hieghtens your ability to manifest. However, you will have to pay attention to your consumption of sugar and alcohol. Overdoing it shall lead you to health issues.


You’re going to reevaluate what you’re passionate about in your personal space this week Leo. You’re finally going to understand what you like intimately and what you despise and be able to articulate it. It’s no longer ‘Mr Nice Guy’ for you. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning everything and gravitating towards things that are comfortable for you. Remember, there is nothing wrong with this, but you must be conscientious of how you communicate with your loved ones.


Spontaneous work-related travel keeps you busy, Dear Virgo. This week you’re going to have to finish past projects, you can’t put it off anymore. The good news is that you’ll have no problem getting new projects, so stop getting worried. Entrepreneurs, you’re going to make a decision about how you want to be percieved socially and professionally. It’s time for you to change the narrative—be strategic and make the necessary changes.


Libra, you have no schedule and your work routine needs to be more productive. Listen to your partner, they will teach you how to communicate wisely and also help you navigate past work commitments where finances are stuck. Remember to pay attention to your investments and plan better, or else you’ll find yourself spending a lot more money than you’re saving.


Dear Scorpio, you’re lazy and you procrastinate when it comes to your health and your fitness. It’s time, you need to pay attention to the needs of your body. You’re also entering into a week that makes you propel your inner romantic to the surface. Your passions run high and so do your intentions in regard to your personal relationships. On the professional side, this is a slow phase, so just relax and enjoy it.


Hi Archer, this week is all about you looking at your finances and material assets. Your thinking towards securing your finances will also change. You should switch gears in new directions that will help you create more income and, more importantly, new networks. It’s also high time you realise the benefits of having your friends close and your siblings closer.


Dear Capricorn, when it comes to your professional success, the devil is in the details. You need to pay attention to all your contracts and finances because your success comes by reevaluating who you can trust in your professional team. This is not a week to be righteous, it’s a time to be strategic. Your personal relationships are at a crossroads. It’s time for you to decide whether you’re going to play by the rules of the old game or create your own rules.


Dear Aquarius, your strong morals and high standards will finally help you disconnect from old friends who are now acquaintances. You’ll also not allow anyone to gaslight you into reacting about matters close to your heart. Don’t be surprised if you’re questioning everything and gravitating towards making constructive financial decisions. The moon brings a positive source of support from family.


Welcome Pisces, to a week of closure and new transitions that lead you onto a path of fiscal consolidation. As long as you’re assertive and play the game you shall find great success. Transitions will come in terms of investments and building new emotional, intimate relationships. Just be clear in your conversations and all will be well.