Weekly Horoscope For The Fourth Week Of November© Pixabay

Your Horoscope For The Fourth Week Of November, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Dear Aries, you’re entering into a frequency of brilliant gain. This week, for you to shine, financial opportunities will come knocking on your door, relationships will thrive in your personal space and you will start gaining strength internally, you will even see your health improve. Travel plans are on the horizon, so enjoy.


Welcome Taurus, to a week which will give you the opportunity to expand your horizons professionally and personally. It’s beautiful. This week is full of positive energy and support from the universe for you to gain everything that you truly want. So, be clear about what you want and you shall receive it. This is also a fantastic time to increase your skill set and learn something new.


Dear Gemini, you’ve been waiting for a certain sense of financial and social success for too long. Wait no more because you’ve entered into a week that kickstarts your goals and desires in the right direction. Your conversations are becoming more creative and focused. Your ideas will inspire you to look at new paths in the professional space. Take a chance on yourself and see yourself shine.


Welcome to a crazy week of social affairs and sweet talk, Cancer. Get ready to create a new tribe for yourself. You’re going to get invited to multiple affairs where you’ll meet new people and new ideas will come to the surface. Just be confident; your ability to dive into action professionally and come out on the other side with flying colours is turning your professional dreams into a reality.


The time to consolidate your ideas and your goals has arrived. Dear Leo, action is the name of the game, so don’t waste any more time. Just believe in yourself and stop procrastinating. Personally, your flirtatious side will come up to the surface, so have fun with it. Your ability to make conversation in a social environment will gain you a lot of appreciation.


Dear Virgo, welcome to a week where you will walk the walk, not just talk the talk. You have what it takes to become exceptionally successful professionally. You also have very high expectations for yourself. Blessings from the universe help you create the opportunity of experiencing and exploring your goals and desires. Don’t waste this time on overthinking.


Dear Libra, welcome to a week where your curiosity about the world is on an all-time high. Your perspective on how ‘the job’ needs to be done will change. The hustle and bustle in regard to your work will make you happier. A lot of support and love comes your way from family. Siblings and old friends will reconnect emotionally with each other. Be happy, this is a period of joy and support.


Good morning Scorpio, you’re gonna start taking your time and money-making very seriously. Wasting time or money by giving advice or being there for people that haven’t been there for you, no longer interests you. You’ve been emotional for too long, it’s time you got a little transactional. Social engagements will keep you occupied during the latter part of this week. Take some time off from everyone to figure out what you truly want for yourself and go after it.


Dear Archer, professional doors of success are opening up to you. This week gives you the opportunity to be powerful, resourceful, and disciplined. Financial decisions need to be made and you’re the person who needs to make them. On the romantic front, you’re going to be unavailable this week, so make sure you spend quality time at home.


Welcome Capricorn, to a period of blessings, new beginnings, and a whole lot of joy. You’ll start attracting a lot of people that will benefit you professionally. Social networking helps you gain more power in your workspace and also gives you the ability to create more business. Spontaneous travel knocks on your door, don’t dissect it, just open yourself to have some fun.


Dear Aquarius, you’re great at giving advice to others but terrible at following what is important for you. Take charge of your health and your fitness regime. Create a routine and follow it. On the professional front, it’s time to generate a wonderful environment of gain because a lot of blessings are coming your way.


Creative schedules will be made, for yourself and others this week Pisces. How much of that you is a question mark, though. You’ll also find yourself emotionally dictating terms to family members who have no intention of listening to you. Instead, communicate with peers and bosses on matters that are close to your heart, professionally.