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Your Horoscope For The Third Week Of November, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Welcome Aries, to a week where you shall reconnect with your father. It’s about realigning your values and the way you communicate. You’re also going to attract more joyful people into your life and finances will grow. This eclipse helps you kickstart old projects that have been stalling for a while. It also asks you to take care of your health, and pay attention to how much water you’re drinking.


Dear Taurus, this week pushes you to look deeper into every aspect of your work and also pay attention to the little changes that are happening around you professionally. Singles, this transit propels you to take your relationship more seriously. Couples will be able to communicate with compassion and a lot of passion too is on the cards. Pay attention because spontaneous work travel will allow you to make brilliant contacts that will increase your network, and your net worth.


Dear Gemini, this week is all about understanding your professional expectations. Plan and use your strategic skills to create new business. Lucky for you, a lot of forward-thinking happens naturally. Old alliances will dissolve and new alliances will be created. You have the power to manifest a stronger will, a beautiful body, and the ability to climb every social mountain effortlessly, so don’t waste time on whimsical ideas. Be clear.


Welcome Cancer to a week where a lot of blessings are coming your way. Mothers, you will reconnect emotionally with your children. A lot of social networking will keep you entertained. Just remember to take out some time for yourself to fuel up mentally. Spontaneous travel comes without mental baggage, so make the most of it and just have fun.


Things are finally starting to slow down and the path you are on will get clearer Leo. If there is any interest in changing your workspace, now is the time to put it into action. Be decisive about how you want to create more financial aid and success for yourself. Be receptive to the changes that occur, they are all in your favour.


Welcome Virgo, to a week of reconnection with your siblings and old friends. You’ll be stored with blessings that allow you to create a tribe for yourself that will benefit you in the days to come. This is a personal week, so pay attention to your emotional needs and also cultivate clear boundaries personally. Feeling safe is the key to your mental health.


Blessings from the ancestors come your way, Dear Libra. This week is all about expansion. Your ability to communicate with the world around you will give you immense opportunity to financially create more abundance for yourself. A certain sense of flirtatiousness comes to the surface with your partner, so have fun with that. Just let these little blessings fill your heart and mind.


Hey Scorpio, decisions, decisions and even more decisions need to be made this week. Pay close attention to your finances—this is not money that you’ve yet to make, this is money that you have already made. Make a concrete plan on how you want to invest it. You have a unique perspective on things, so instead of keeping it bottled in say what you truly want to say without the fear of feeling dismissed.


Welcome to a week of blessings. This is one of the most positive periods for you to create and explore what you truly desire, don’t waste this time. Your curiosity leads you towards projects that you’ve been waiting to do, without being fearful. Get on with it. You’re also going to receive a lot of support from family and friends. Be in gratitude, for you will be supported, be powerful, and that isn’t something you can ignore.


Hello Mountain Goat, this week shifts the way you look at your interpersonal relationships. Strong decisions will be made to feel safe, so honour them. Professionally, you enter into a frequency of learning new skills. Your ability to identify average individuals who look holier than thou will only get stronger this week. Learn to trust your instincts and make sure you honour your body.


Welcome to a week of intense communication, learning, and the opportunity to increase your skill set Aquarius. You shall be surrounded by people in your social circle that will inspire you to be more creative and constructive when it comes to your work. Be bold in your choices. Communicate with confidence and trust that the universe has your back.


Hello Pisces, this week is where you take charge of how you want to deal with unrealistic individuals in the world space. So be patient with yourself. On a personal note, close relationships will help you navigate the craziness of this week easily. Singles, start attracting good-looking, like-minded, fun-loving characters. Remember, you don’t need to see a future with everyone—consider this is as someone you enjoy the moment with, not your life.