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Your Horoscope For The Second Week Of November, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Hello Aries, this week is all about exploring your emotional needs and also cultivating your creative side—inspire yourself. This is the time for love and new beginnings, so be open and let people enter. November will propel you to identify your emotional boundaries in your personal relationships and not overcompensate.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Keep yourself hydrated and listen to music.


This week opens you up to paying attention to your business and networking with multiple people in your environment. It challenges you to open new doors professionally and pay attention to the way you communicate with your peers and bosses. Singles looking to be in a relationship will meet like-minded individuals randomly. Remember, don’t go looking for the ‘right’ person, just unwind.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Ingest some honey early in the morning.


Welcome Gemini, you’ve entered into a week of fun and adventure in your personal relationships. An environment where you can just let your hair loose and dance the night away. The movement of Venus brings forth spontaneity, and new beginnings will knock on your door. Be ready to let go of people that serve no purpose to you. You are a free spirit, so enjoy your solitude, your peace, and enjoy being abundant.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Donate some wheat to the poor before the eclipse starts.


You better start paying attention to your schedule and your routine at the workplace Cancer. Your health is also a concern lately, especially with regard to your skin and bones.Create a solid workout plan and stick to it. Consistency is the name of the game, you can’t take your health lightly anomore.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Keep a bowl of milk on your bedside and pour the milk into the plants the next day.


You need to pay attention to your finances this week Leo. Realign how you’re spending your money and how you’re saving it. Be cautious of not overspending on inconsequential people that serve no purpose to you. Learn to trust your instincts by using modalities of meditation and breathwork. Your father will be giving you some pearls of wisdom and listening to him will help you navigate this month better.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Ground yourself by eating foods that are red in colour.


Travel is eminent Virgo, there are no chains holding you down anymore. You’re a free bird ready to fly in the sky of opportunity and growth. Pay close attention to your consumption of sugar and alcohol because you can’t be falling ill at this point. Just keep your anger in check and everything will be fine. Personally, your relationship with your spouse will get more intimate and intense and that’s exactly what you need to balance yourself.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Donate sugar to children.


Balance is the key to your professional success this week, dear Libra. Your family will require a fair amount of your time and so will your social environment. Figure out what your priorities are and don’t let yourself go on a guilt trip. Do what makes you feel happy. You will also be able to identify how to sort your financial issues, just listen to your instinct.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Donate rice to an old age home.


Hello Scorpio, You enter a personal week where you need to ask yourself difficult questions. Who are you? What are your goals? What are your desires? Where do you truly want to be? In the process of answering these questions please ensure that you’re still kind to yourself. Don’t be harsh, and say yes to things that you truly care about and learn to create healthy boundaries in your personal relationships.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Spend some time with your mother.


Dear Archer, this is your week and you’re going to feel more in control of your environment. New projects come to the forefront easily. Singles, you’re entering into an action-packed time, so mingle. Social engagements shall keep you occupied this week, so have some fun. You’ll naturally start avoiding dramatic people with unrealistic expectations.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Wear the colour yellow and meditate.


Dear Capricorn, a fair share of internal exploration will happen for you this week. You shall dive into yourself; the world around you may call you reclusive but, in reality, you are balancing your mind and heart. This metamorphosis is important, especially for your body and your spirit. Pay attention to what your priorities are and focus on no one but yourself.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Ingest a lot of antioxidants in form of food.


Morning Aquarius, welcome to a week of communication and success. Business partners adore you and your family supports you. Your environment will start listening to you with a keenness and you’ll develop a certain fan following shall occur; bask in some of that glory, but don’t let it go to your head. What you say will make a lot of sense to a number of people so monetise it.

Remedy during the eclipse on November 8: Be in gratitude to the Universe around you.


Your confidence and your ability to find quick solutions professionally will keep you occupied this week. On a personal note, your partner may need you to be more present so don’t be a grump. Have silly conversations and bring back a little fun in your personal space.

Remedy during the eclipse on 8th November 8: Donate salt to the needy.