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Your Horoscope For The First Week Of November, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

Get ready for November everyone. This month will force certain emotional and psychological changes in the way you choose to see the world around you.


Dear Aries, the full moon affects you the most this month since it’s falling into your sign. You will question your values, your ideas and your desires in regard to your family. You may choose not to associate with dramatics and will put your foot down on matters that are close to your heart. This is also a week where you especially pay attention to your health and the amount of sugar you’re consuming.


The time has arrived for you dear Taurus to decide whether you want to turn the page and close the book. The energetic frequency of the eclipse falls into your personal space this week. That means it intensifies how you feel rather than how you think about yourself and your personal situations. Just rememeber, don’t dwell in the past.


Dear Gemini, welcome to a week of closure. You will happily let go of mental trauma, chaos, anxiety and situations that you can’t control anymore. So be kind to yourself. You no longer need to be harsh towards how you feel about yourself. Professionally, things are going to get better. Personally, you’ll be able to speak your truth without feeling guilty.


Dear Moon Child, you are letting go of people who are pretending to be your friend and in reality serve no purpose to you. You’re finally saying ‘no’ and you mean it. Honouring yourself and taking care of your health will become a priority this week. A realignment will occur professionally and work will become your safe space. Just create some work-life balance and the world will be a better place.


This is going to be a week of decision-making Leo. You know your enemies well and you also know how to deal with them. So, get on with it and start playing the game—there is no need for you to be righteous. Personally, you will draw boundaries against toxic individuals. It’s time you make yourself a priority and only cater to your own needs.


It’s time to make some financial decisions Virgo. Stop procastinating and get cracking already. Your lethargy towards your body and your health, it’s all gone. November wants you to be in charge, as you should. It also wants you to be dynamic and urges you to pay attention to your professional goals and put them into action. There’s a lot in store in for you.


Deal Libra, being nice helps doesn’t help you anymore. It’s time you start putting your foot down and learn to say ‘no’. Working hard is not the motive of this week, working smart is. You need to pay attention to your finances and the way you’re making money. Closing deals is what you do best, yet you’ve been struggling. The energetic frequency of November places you into environments of gain and prosperity financially, so make the most of them.


It’s a beautiful period for you Scorpio. You’re going to take charge of how you truly feel about your expectations in your partnerships, professionally and personally. You’re asking questions and you won’t let go till you don’t get the answers you desire. Remember, feeling angry and frustrated is not the answer here. Be vocal, speak your truth, and stand your ground.


Dear Sagittarius, this is a week to wrap up lose ends. No more procastination for you. Your work requires you to finish things up and see them to the end. November also urges you to pay close attention to your health. The professional responsibilities you’re running away from are catching up with you. Finish the chapters you’re already working on before you start a new one.


You need to spend some quality time reassessing what’s important to you Capricon. You’ve been overworked and underpaid for a while now and if you truly meant to create abundance in your professional space then be clear about what you want. Parents will express their thoughts, concerns and opinions towards their children and parents quite vocally. Don’t hold back, just speak your truth and get it off your chest.


Dear Aquarius, your home is your oyster and this week your home, your assets and your properties come into focus. If there is any unfinished work regarding any of the above, make sure you wrap it up. November wants you to strengthen your life goals and also wants you to prepare for the best. On a personal note, slow down and spend some quality time with your partner, they need your attention this week.


It’s a week of closure for you Pisces. You’re going to let old friends, projects, ideas and conversations leave your personal space happily. This week, your perspective on friendship will change in a good way. Professionally, this is a great time to reassess your skill set and make the necessary changes that will help you generate financial gain.