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Your Horoscope For The Fourth Week Of October, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Morning Aries, you’ve finally entered into a period of blessings. Pay close attention to what you truly want and desire because you’re going to attract it all. Your professional life is going to take an upward turn and you’ll be able to create four more gains for yourself. Remember, you’re an ace at dealing with new ideas and new beginnings. Singles, you’re finally closing the doors on past relationships—let it go, for what you shall attract now will be brilliant.


Hey Earth Baby, welcome to a week of making new schedules for yourself and putting them into action. You’re back in work mode, and your only interest now will be to create more financial, social, and emotional security. Work will make you travel. But you need to take care of your health Taurus; don’t let minor ailments become major because of ignorance.


Dearest Gemini, you must note that all your fears about yourself begin and end in your mind, and what you choose to give power to is what you will manifest. Be clear about what you truly want in relationships and your approach towards making money. Mothers shall have to take charge of their second child’s social life. Creating boundaries and prioritising one’s peace seems to be the mantra of this month.


Please remember that anything that you get superbly attached to will move out of your heart, head, and hand Cancer. You’ll be letting go of romantic relationships that are toxic and serve no purpose to you organically. Saturn wants you to prepare yourself for new, constructive life goals that are bigger than you ever imagined. It’s time to think big, moon child.


Dear Leo, you’re going to start loving your home this time around. It also puts you in a period where you will be able to save more money. The main focus this week will be what you feel is home. Your attention will move towards your comforts, your passions, in your home space. This a great time to start a small home improvement exercise you’ve been meaning to do for a while now. On a professional note, your’re now interested in making your financial world more comfortable and creating a permanent space for yourself, so keep working towards that.


Dear Virgo, this week is about laying down your thoughts and feelings about your relationship. Speak your truth and be clear about your expectations. Singles, you’re entering into a phase of commitment, so don’t be shy to explore it. Couples, it’s time to heal oneself from hurtful conversations and unrealistic expectations; get back to trusting each other. Professionally, you’re entering into an action-packed time that will help you create financial success.


Dear Libra, your personal life becomes more important than ever. You shall have the opportunity to successfully create your goals and achieve them. jump head-first into the field of creativity, it’s your time to shine. Your aesthetic sense will help you create financial gains professionally. Choose this period to do more. Wasting time is like burning opportunities for yourself.


Dear Scorpio, you are closing old cycles and beginning new ones. You are moving into a period where you will make constructive positive changes in order to make a more solid financial future. There will be some time to take a break and just unwind. So don’t be working during your lunch hour, child. With Saturn’s movements, you will need to create better boundaries in your home space. A sense of balance that was missing for a while now will come full circle.


Dear Archer, don’t forget that you’re a dreamer and your approach towards making your dreams your reality is your biggest asset. Use your mind without doubting it and pay close attention to how you feel at work. You are entering into a week where your negotiation skills will be used effectively in work. Make sure that the credit comes your way by making sure everything relevant is in writing.


You have the ability to climb the highest mountain of financial and social success, Capricon. Pay attention to your instinct because it will guide you correctly. The blessings of your ancestors are bestowed upon you as you exit this month. Be sure to ask for what you truly want and desire, because you’re going to attract it all.


Dear Aquarius, welcome to a new week where you will be able to finish projects you once left behind. You’re closing doors on past professional relationships that serve you no purpose and will now be creating new, meaningful business relationships with like-minded individuals. Obstacles at work will seem to disappear and you will be able to create multiple financial opportunities for yourself.


Dear Pisces, it’s time for you to expect an increase in your income. Not only will you be able to earn money through multiple channels but your social contacts will help you create more avenues for yourself. Personal relationships will ease out and the atmosphere at home will also become more productive and less stressful. October asks you to prepare yourself to flow into new paths of abundance and opportunities.