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Your Horoscope For The Third Week Of October, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Aries, you’ve finally entered into a period of blessings. Pay close attention to what you truly want and desire because you’re going to attract it all. Your professional life is also going to take an upward turn and you’ll be able to create more gains for yourself. Singles, you’re finally closing the doors on past relationships—let it go, for what you shall attract now will be brilliant.


Expansion is the name of the game Taurus. Your social circle and your professional circle will start to increase from all sides. Enjoy this time and have fun with it. Pay close attention to your father or older brother’s health at the end of the week. Your perspective on how you’re meant to deal with your parents will also change—maturity is key, so let go of the stubbornness.


Dearest Gemini, you’re not always going to be motivated to do the work that you really want this week, so double down and just get the job done. This time is all about meeting people, increasing your professional network, and laying down clear boundaries in your personal life. Singles, it’s time to enjoy the attention you shall receive and bask in the glory of your confidence.


Dear Cancer, your health needs to be in a better place; be sure you to take extra care of your body. A good night’s sleep will help you heal effortlessly. On the positive side, a lot of blessings are coming your way and you’ll attract abundance. Just remember to think positively, it’s the only way you can experience the joy, happiness and love you’re being showered with.


Dear Leo, things that have been out of control now come a full circle. Your work schedule and personal routine will need to change as new friendships are formed and a lot of professional networking is coming your way. Mothers and daughters will need to be on the same page in regards to trusting each other and in order to create a solid foundation in their relationship.


You’ve been in isolation for most of this year Virgo—wanting to change the way you look physically and feel about yourself. Now’s the time to take on some professional help to lead yourself closer towards your health goals. Professionally, you will become more productive. You will have a fair amount of new things brewing around you, so explore your ideas equally.


You enter into a week where blessings and happiness is bestowed upon you Libra. This frequency strengthens you and allows you to be sharper at work. You’ll finally learn how to say no and find yourself in environments that will serve you and help you grow financially and socially. Singles, you’re finally saying goodbye to your past relationships that now serve no purpose to you.


Scorpio, there is a lot you store in that beautiful heart of yours. Speak up about how you really feel to those who you still want in your life. It’s also time you take care of your health. Now is the perfect time to get on an exercise routine and stick with it. You may attract a host of older and wiser individuals who will become a part of your inner circle. Professionally, it’s time to enjoy the attention and the gains you’ve worked so hard for and get ready for the new opportunitiess that are round the corner.


Your ability to dive into action is brilliant Sagittarius. But action without thought may lead you te a merry chase around the globe, and for nothing. So, think first, prioritise your life, and then get into action mode. This is the best time to plan for some extra income that you can save for a rainy day. Your mothers will get slightly intrusive and dig deep into personal relationships; learn to draw healthy boundaries in your personal life, it will make you happier.


Dear Capricorn, family plays an important role this week. Your perspective on how you feel about yourself begins to change. The lessons that you learn from your father shall help you deal with the world around you. Explore your ideas with likeminded people and make sure that when you put your ideas into action you’re sitting in the directors chair.


This week is about laying down and taking it easy. Take some time and reconnect with your partner—plan a date night and snuggle together. Singles, you’re entering into a beautiful phase of attracting likeminded people who will also want commitment and security. Enjoy this time. Professionally, you are getting distracted again and will have to realign the path on which you want to create your success.


Dear Pisces, you enter into a week where your communication skills will be brilliant and your leadership skills will help you seal the deals that were otherwise dead. Professionally, you finally realise your potential and start to create creative, financial success. Personally, you may still struggle with your partner and parents, but learn to speak your truth and stand by it.