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Your Horoscope For The Second Week Of October, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Dearest Ram, you’ve finally realised that taking care of your health is mighty important. You’re set on a road to healing, one that not only balances your body but your mind as well. You’ve also been meaning to take a new direction professionally, now’s the best time to do it. So, make those bold decisions and create the changes that you’ve only been talking about.


Dear Taurus, this week is all about family. It also asks you to take stock of what you want to say, and how, to certain people in your inner circle. Professionally, you will reach a clear decision about what you want and what fields you would like to expand in. Personally, there more transformation awaiting you. But remember to go easy on yourself, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Dear Gemini, you’re getting distracted again. Remember, you’ve got dreams to chase, not people to impress; so wake up and put your plans into action. You’ll need to start paying attention to your professional goals. Fathers, start building a stronger relationship with your first child, they need you. Singles, you’re entering into a beautiful phase of new relationships, enjoy!


Get ready for some major transformations happening in your personal life this week Cancer. Pluto’s movement gets you to look at life differently. Also be sure to not react immediately towards your loved ones. Strengthening relationships romantically will also happen organically. On the work front, you’ll get new projects that you’ll be able to handle efficiently.


Blessings of the ancestors are bestowed on you this week, Leo. This is an auspicious week that allows you to create abundance, prosperity, and social appreciation. Pay closer attention to your health—you need to follow an exercise routine and a good diet. You can even try a little meditation to energise your mind and soul. This is also a great time to head in a new direction in your professional space and monetise it, you may be surpised.


Dear Virgo, you always like to be in charge of everything you do. It’s time you allow yourself to go with the flow and see where life takes you. Some disagreements may occur with your parents regarding their expectation of you, but try to look at the situation from their point of view instead of reacting. Professionally, this is the time to start a new pet project, it’ll be fruitful and will bring you closer to your financial goals.


Dear Scales, you’re experiencing a lot of shifts and transformations in your personal life. You’re shedding the old so that the new can enter in all walks of life. There will be continued fluctuations in your finances, so spend your money cautiously. But, more than anything, strengthen your foundation professionally and personally by making yourself a priority.


Dear Scorpio, crying over spilt milk serves no man. Pay attention to the need of the hour personally. Communication is key. There will be sporadic plans to travel, might we suggest you take them seriously. You will need that breather to be able to cope with that overthinking mind of yours. Couples, you’ll learn to speak to each other maturely. Remember, it’s important that you’re kind to each other.


You shall have to make some hard decisions this week regarding your financial goals and how to create more. You have the opportunity to successfully work with mentors who will guide you and help you grow financially if you let your guard down. Fathers and daughters will need to spend some quality time with each other, it’ll help you to be more balanced.


This week is all about the hustle and bustle, Capricon. Unexpected travel is expected. You may have to disconnect from problematic people in the work space and concentrate on having some fun. A lot of networking is coming your way professionally and personally, so make the most of it. Singles, it’s time to heal yourselves from hurtful personal experiences that still haunt you. You hold the power now.


Aquarius, you need to learn to say no without going on a guilt trip. Boundaries are important and sticking to them will help you achieve multiple tasks that you’re otherwise too tired to complete. Drinking more water and a daily dose of meditation will help you heal your body. Mothers, pay attention to your child’s social circle and make your presence be felt.


Dear Pisces, you enter into a week where you may have to bite your tongue while dealing with clients and delays in projects. Personally, there will be sporadic differences with your parents and you mustn’t let them impose their opinion on you. Mentally, you’ll feel challenged by your social circle and you’ll realise that only you can support yourself. So remember to love yourself unconditionally.