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Your Horoscope For The Fourth Week Of September, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

We’re exploring the ups and downs in the month of September one week at a time. Here’s what the stars have in store for you in Week 4.


This week, Dear Ram, is all about expanding your horizons professionally. Use the frequency of this week to constructively make processes that would further enable you in creating more financial gain and professional success. Just create a routine that allows you to accumulate more.


Routine, routine, and more routine is the flavour of this week. Your personal life and your professional relationships need some balance and getting stressed about tiny things is not the way to go. This week is also about you taking control of your health. If you’ve been struggling with losing weight, and getting fitter, this is the right week for you to constructively work towards that goal.


The old shall be released and the new shall enter; this week is about closing chapters for good. It’s time to dive into new frequencies of playfulness in relationships and new connections in the workplace. Mothers, take care of your knees. Please note, in order to move forward, you need to let go of old goals and obligations towards the family that serve no purpose to you.


This week is all about finances that you save rather than finances that you spend. This is not the week to spend money on ludicrous things—things you may never use. This is a period for you to identify your strengths in your workspace, be extra cautious of your finances, read the documents before signing them, and try to look at the world without your Gucci-tinted glasses.


Dear Leo, this week gives you the opportunity to dive into your subconscious and release patterns that serve no purpose to you. In short, breathe more worry less. Get connected to your roots, your family, and yourself. It’s time you pay attention to the tiny things that your body is saying, it’s asking you to slow down and unwind. This relaxation needs to be done mentally and physically.


Dear Virgo, this week you shall be closing chapters in your relationships and also seeing people, especially people from your social circle, as who they really are. Your first intuition or your first instinct is your answer. This is also the perfect week to close chapters that are related to financials and work opportunities and have been hanging in the past for too long. The decisions that you make this week will set the tone for the next year in your workspace, so pay close attention.


Old routines aren’t going to work for you anymore Libra. You need to chart a new course this week in regard to your professional life. Be more passionate about what you believe in and the money will flow. On a personal note, this is a time for you to look at reinventing the relationships that you are in to be able to find a certain sense of balance.


This week is where your ending chapters are. These chapters are on a more personal note than a professional space and ending anything is always going to be supremely difficult. Let go of people that have hurt you but also acknowledge that you’ve hurt a couple of people as well. Walking away from confrontation and staying in your hut of hibernation is fine as long as you feel safe, but there’s also a whole world out there, so don’t forget about that.


A part of you wants to change the world around and that’s a good thing. But start with little changes and you’ll see the difference. Family time will be important to you this week. The aftermath of the changes you make for yourself this week shall be seen by the end of this year. So, Dear Sagittarius, think from your heart and believe in yourself.


Capricorn, this week is where you distinctly identify what stops you from achieving your personal and professional goals and start working on them intently. You and your mum will need to find a way to communicate with each other without arguing this week as she sometimes destabilises you from reaching your desired goals.


Dear Aquarius, you’re entering into a week where your intuition starts speaking to you far more boldly. You’re interest in knowing more about the spiritual world increases this week, so have fun with it. Daughters, you need to create a gentle but firm boundary with your mother. Don’t let her constant intrusions destabilise you emotionally.


Dear Pisces, let go of all that holds you back and believe in the luck that you have deep within yourself. This week of personal celebration will allow you to make hay while the sun shines. Play some cards, meet new people and make new friends. Your work will continue to go on the way it’s supposed to, so don’t worry.