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Your Horoscope For The Third Week Of September, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

There’s a lot of ups and downs this month and we’re exploring it one week at a time. Here’s what Week 3 in September has to offer.


There is a part of you that sits on the fence from time to time, Aries, and this week requires you to get off the fence and start walking towards the playground. Singles, this period brings back a lover from the past. It brings back unfinished business and you need to decide if you want to confront it or let it go.


Dear Taurus, you’re entering into a week that is asking you to pay attention to your work. Remember, balance is key but dealing with people from all walks of life is paramount. This week is where a sense of adventure enters your workspace—be attentive to the mundane changes in the political situation in your profession.


It’s all about realigning the big goals that you have Gemini. Pay closer attention to your career this week, it’ll give you the opportunity to break into networks you didn’t get an entry point in earlier. The trick? You need to have the perfect pitch that lands you into the role of your desires. And learn to have some faith.


This week is about taking on a personal project in the home space and completing it. It’s time to languish yourself in your creativity. Meeting people will irritate you, so spend time with people who don’t stress you out. You’ll need to pay attention to your health, especially your gut, because that’s where you hold your emotions.


This week is all about networking, so put on your fancy shoes, wear your favourite dress, and get out there. It’s also about communication, consistency, and fun; ayou shall revisit clients and friends from past social circles in some capacity. Reconnections will happen, and these are good for you. Leos wanting to branch out professionally, this is your time to plan.


Dear Virgo, this week needs you to concentrate on your finances. Concrete steps will be taken towards creating a lifestyle that is more affordable and also luxurious in it’s own capacity. This week also asks you to reflect on how you want to spend the money for the rest of this year since it’s already sitting in your bank account.


Dear Libra, your attitude and aptitude to navigate bullshit is on a high this week. You’re entering a phase where multiple people will intend to park their inconsistencies in your personal space. It’s up to you to engage or disengage. Being yourself and being authentic to what you believe in is the key for you. Don’t make excuses for anyone and don’t cut them any slack.


You shall start this week by reflecting on how you think and the choices you have made in the past. Personally, you may want to make amends with family only to realise that the other person is not interested anymore. Don’t lose hope dear Scorpio, there are better times to come. On the work front, your creativity is not on an all-time high; you need to take a step back, reflect, and then dive back into work with a positive attitude.


This week pushes you to communicate with old friends and acquaintances. Cherish your past and relax about the future Sagittarius. Changes on the home front are eminent, whether it’s moving furniture around or painting the walls, you’ll want to start on those changes this week.


Dearest Capricorn, this week is all about you paying attention to how you communicate with people that are close to you. It’s not what you’re saying but how you’re saying it that needs to be changed. Your near and dear ones love you and want to have a more constructive relationship with you, so try to talk to them politely.


Aquarius, you enter into a week where you must reflect on how you want to treat your goals. This time around, create simple, constructive steps in regards to reaching your goals, don’t make them monumental and unrealistic. Professional success is eminent, just have faith in that.


Dear Pisces, your health is something you must be a little conscious about, take care of your immune system. This week brings in changes for the better but accepting what you have in hand is a lesson you’ll want to learn respectfully. This is the time to look at your personal finances and family commitments. Love is in the air singles, so just enjoy what’s happening around you and don’t run away from it.