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Your Horoscope For The First Week Of September, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

We’ve got multiple transitions hitting us this month. It’s a period where common sense is not especially common and the past you once forgot starts to tap on your window, wanting you to make constructive decisions about your future.


Dear Aries, you’ve been languishing in worries for some time now. This month is where you ditch your worries and plunge yourself into new horizons professionally. A speedy rollercoaster is where your mind intends to sit till the end of this week and you will react, so gear up for dramatics on home ground. Singles, it’s time you travel. Spontaneous plans will be made, so act on them.


To enjoy and explore the world around you is the focus of this week. It brings in the opportunities that help you meet multiple people. There is also a chance of bumping into that special someone. My advice? Take it slow and just be you. Having said that, please don’t mope; it’s time to start mingling. People struggling in creative fields will finally move in the right direction. All in all, have fun!


This month starts with family time. This week, especially, will put focus on family and family dynamics. Fathers will need to spend some time with their second child, advising them in their careers. If you’re intending on remodelling your home, now is the time to do so. Subtle changes in the interiors will bring in a sense of panache and suck the boredom out of your life.


Dear moonchild, you’re finally deciding to grow up this week. You will no longer want to be involved with other people‘s drama. Instead, you’d prefer to have an interesting intellectual conversation with like-minded people. You are allowing the energies of drama, disorder, and jealousy out of your personal space. What’s interesting is that you’ll be able to say no. Remember, the universe supports you to have constructive boundaries in social relationships.


Leo, welcome to a week of financial recovery, opportunities, and growth. If you’re looking to make a fancy purchase in regards to either a car or even property, this is the perfect week for you to start looking out there. Fathers will need to be attentive to the first child in regard to their academia. The home space is where you roar, dear one, it’s a space where you’re going to feel most secure and satiated.


This month is the best month for you, astrologically speaking, because you’re in the most potent position to be able to gain whatever it is that you want. So now is the time to decide what do you want. Be clear, be specific, and don’t muddle things up in your head. This is a great time for you to create strong financial communications in your professional space. Networking with clients and creating more interactive conversations shall lead you to gain confidence and financial remuneration. Also, this is the perfect week to plan travel, so get cracking!


Dear Libra, this is the week where you dive deep within your own self. It’s about identifying your strengths and also being gentle with your weaknesses. You’re not a people pleaser, so don’t make the mistake of making your social circle important this week. You need to sit with yourself so that you can dismiss the chaos that is lurking around you and focus on the creativity that sits deep within you.


Welcome to the week when you spend a lot of time with friends and your social environment. You’ve been working too long and too hard, it’s time for you to rejoice amongst like-minded people and chill out. Spontaneous travel shall spring up this week; if you choose to take it on you’ll explore new relationships and clean old fun. This week is about making deeper connections with some people and allowing yourself to just be.


Dear Archer, this is the perfect time for you to upgrade. The start of this month brings forth a positive vibe of opportunities on the work and relationship front. So get ready to move on to bigger and better things. It’s also the right time to grow your money and material gains.


Hello Capricorn, this week is all about creation and expansion in your personal life. Deep introspection shall lead you into taking some time off to explore the world around you. Take a breather and plan a solo trip to explore this wonderful world. You should also consider doing things that make you feel free instead of being stuck in everything. Some ‘me’ time is important for you right now.


Dear Aquarius, you’re entering into a week where passions run high, and you’ll experience a certain inner strength that starts to align you with your desires. This week you’ll choose to make concrete plans and put them into action. Professionally, you’re in a great place to enjoy success, however, in a personal space, you shall start to question the very fabric of every relationship you’ve ever had.


The start of this month and this week focus only one thing, your relationships. You’ve entered into a beautiful month that allows you to have amazing, passionate, and highly communicative relationships with your partner on a more romantic note. Just remember, these deep conversations and passionate connections must be cherished.