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Your Horoscope For The Week Of August 22, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan

We’re exploring August one week at a time through Tarot, and here’s what Week 4 has to offer...

Aries: Queen Of Pentacles

This Queen of Pentacles is here to tell you that you’ve worked extremely hard and managed tonnes of egotistical people in your environment. She’s the indicator of manifestation. The catch here is that like will always attract like. You will attract what you are and how you feel. She’s an indicator for you to think, be confident, positive and know that you’re the best thing that ever happens to you.

Taurus: Six Of Swords

This is a brilliant week that helps you move out of negative belief systems towards positive belief systems and pushes you into a period of gain and prosperity. You will have the support you want. You will gain from your peers and your parents. Tyrannical influences disappear and positive influences enter into your inner court this week. And, as the storm disappears, remember to take time to smell the roses and enjoy the weather.

Gemini: The Emperor

Being chill has jumped out of the window as sincerity walks in the door. This week is all about decision-making. It’s where serious conversations will take place professionally. Relationships and the home-ground will need more attention. Children will become a point of concern, so make sure you make them adhere to a routine. This week, don’t detain yourself in silly conversations that have no ending but look at making solid career decisions that’ll have a positive impact on your future.

Cancer: Six Of Wands

Cancer, this is a week of success in all of your endeavors. It predicts that your hard work shall be recognised by friends, family, and colleagues. The effort will begin to pay off in the form of some much-deserved fame. Do not feel overwhelmed by this position. If you’re intending on drawing up the game plan for professional success then use the energy frequency of this week. Remember, this is not the time to procrastinate.

Leo: Wheel Of Fortune

Dear Lion, your luck is about to change, and for the better. This week brings in a frequency that especially leads entrepreneurs to look forward to positive outcomes in new projects. Singles, your love life will start buzzing with fresh faces and charming conversations. And couples, you’ll be able to take some time off from the craziness of work life and indulge in some relaxation with the family.

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Virgo: Strength

Breathe in, breathe out, and inner peace. This week is all about re-grouping with yourself and tapping into your inner strength to deal with the external world, personally and professionally. Remember, you also need to heal yourself from within and exercise a more positive routine. This is the right time to get on board a health regime, Virgo.

Libra: Knight Of Swords

Dear Scales, your heart shall hurt this week over a friendship that doesn’t seem to be the same. The lesson here to learn is that some friends are not loyal to you, but they are loyal to their need of you. Once their need changes, so does their loyalty. But, in this space, the only thing you need to do is be loyal to your own true self.

Scorpio: Strength

Sometimes you choose to play the victim card, dear one, because it’s the safer route. With August coming to an end, you shall have to take accountability of your own actions. You will see old relationships end and new ones begin. And though this change of events will hurt initially, you’ll eventually emerge wiser.

Sagittarius: The Lovers

This is not a week for mediocrity. This is a week when you recognise that you are brilliant, beautiful and yet so vulnerable. Your relationships shall test you Sagittarius, but the one thing you need to keep in mind is that you are not ordinary but, in fact, most extraordinary. Assert confidence, the higher you raise your frequency the faster you reach your goals. This is the time to honour yourself.

Capricorn: The Chariot

This week is all about maintaining focus in professional environments and exuding confidence when dealing with clients in a social space. Your mother is most important to you this week, so spend some time with her. But more than anything else, this month end teaches you to communicate with confidence, Capricon.

Aquarius: Nine Of Cups

The end of this month brings some good luck with it, Aquarius. It gives you the opportunity and the availability to achieve all your desires, whether they be personal or professional. It’s also the perfect time to learn a new skill. Grab this opportunity and add a feather to your cap that enables you to create far more.

Pisces: Ace Of Cups

Dearest Pisces, you need to believe in your inner capacity to love yourself and accept yourself. This week is all about reconnecting with your inner child and telling your inner critic to take a hike. It’s also a great period to look at financial investments. Keep an eye on the number market, there may be overall fluctuations but you may be able to get huge gains from it.