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This Is What The Stars Have In Store For You This July

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

July gives us the ability to create new ideas, new thoughts, and new plans. But how many of those plans we put into action is up to us.

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Dear Aries, it’s time to use each moment with care—allow life to slow down, and unwind. Take extra care of your health and make your body a priority. Due to the emotional dance of certain planets, you will feel overwhelmed by your body’s inability to be physically and emotionally balanced, so watch out for that. Creating new boundaries on a personal front will help you make strong changes towards the lifestyle you want to enjoy. Singles, let go of unreasonable expectations and see individual for who they are. Couples, your first child needs some guidance, and being a unit at this point will serve you best. Most importantly, July also gives you the opportunity to explore new ideas professionally, and increases your strength and confidence to tackle relationships professionally and personally.


There’s a part of you, Taurus, that wants to just get into bed, and another part that wants to conquer the world. This month is more about the latter—it’s about signing deals, meeting new people, expanding work, and networking. It’s a work-driven month that will not let you rest till you don’t check everything off that mental list. You’ll also have to find some creative activities to be able to enjoy family time. Parents, setting goal-oriented boundaries are especially important for your children. Singles, be very clear about what you want in any relationship because you’ll attract it.


Dear Gemini, you have all the potential you need to be successful, but a lack of confidence and routine sets you back in time. July is about laying down a clear foundation of what you want to do in your life and acting on it. Spend some time with family, because that grounds you. Be wary of your spending; you need to set your finances in order and look at creating more than one avenue of income. It’s time to let go of the old that serves no purpose for the today you are in. Enjoy your month, and fill it with aspects that make you feel positive.


Dear moon child, the fact that you don’t want to mingle comes from the way you feel about yourself—emotionally, physically, and mentally. Get into the routine you hate so much and fix it. Till July 18th you’re in a comfortable space and will get the opportunity to relax but, by the end of this month, you’ll be on another rollercoaster. So, take some time off to sort yourself out. Couples, spend some quality time with your partner having fun, there’s another time for serious conversations. Singles, you’re entering into a position of making strong relationship decisions, so listen to your heart.


Dear Lion, you’ve held a fair share of hurt and pain for a while now; it’s time to let it all out. You need to roar your truth out of your system. The old needs to be released for the new to enter. However, this time around, don’t accommodate others when you’re feeling frustrated within yourself. It’s time to take charge of your goals and your dreams. How do you do it? Rule number one, you believe in them, and then let the universe guide you. Remember, you’re a lucky sign and you’re meant to receive boons from the universe. Allow them to come to you by releasing the anxiety, fear of loss, and emotional distress you don’t need anymore.


Dear Virgo, your attention to detail is amazing and one recognises that you prefer to be a solo agent at work. Working with politics and drama is not your kink. However, July intends on positioning you into places and conversations that shall be controversial by nature. It’s time you let your inner diplomat shine. Professionally, you shall be surrounded by people and intense conversations that further create financial gains for you. Health issues may crop up from the 20th to the 29th, so keep yourself hydrated and eat well. Singles intending on tying the knot will come closer to their goal. Couples, it’s a time for new beginnings, so enjoy each other to the fullest.


Dear Libra, this month is all about you finding what motivates you the most and making a solid plan to create it. For business professionals who are intending to start something new, now is the time to do it. The 10th of July to the 26th of October is a fab time to finish personal projects and financial goals that should bring you success and growth. Singles, you’re going to attract a whole lot of attention, so enjoy it. Couples, there’s no recipe for a successful relationship, however, this month you and your partner should look at being honest about how you feel about each other and be supportive of each other’s endeavors.


Dear Scorpio, this month will be about you exploring your sexual and sensual side. It’s time for you to look at what excites you, and what interests you. Just let go of personal and professional politics and have fun. July opens the frequencies of lightheartedness and joy—you’ve been taking life way too seriously for a while now, so chill and get onto a nonsensical rollercoaster ride. Business professionals looking to expand their businesses will meet like-minded people who shall help you conquer your professional goals. Scorpios, friendships are important, allow yourself to be emotionally available to your crew. Couples, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level of trust, pleasure, and companionship. Your actions will speak louder than words dear one, so access that dirty mind to explore that beautiful heart.


Sagittarius women, repeat after us: this is my month to shine, it’s all about me! July asks you to bring out your innermost confidence and lead the way. You are charismatic, intelligent, creative, and a woman who treats her clan right. The only thing you’re not immune to is stupid remarks—you tend to hold on to them and blow them out of proportion. This month, vow to ignore stupidity, and explore your more sensitive side. Travel is also on the cards for you this month, so go exploring. Financial gains are also coming your way towards the end of the month. Professionals, don’t let anyone pull you down because it’s time for you to shine.


Dear Goat, July welcomes you to a month of drama, discomfort, and financial decisions. Our advice would be to ignore the bullshit and dive deep into the decisions that you want to make. This month is about creating a fortress around yourself that is impenetrable. You’ll also need some alone time to plan your attack, so take stock of your spending and place your troops into place. You also need to. becautious this month. Family shall support you in all your endeavors. Entrepreneurs, you’re finally getting to a stage where implenting strong processes will help you gain more business, so keep doing what you’re doing.


Hello Aquarius, you’re gonna be a busy body this month because your personal and professional environment may keep you on your toes till the 28th of the month. Deadlines need to be met and financial decisions need to be made in regards to family, so choose wisely. Aquarius, you need to spend some quality time with your mother, she needs your ear, not your mouth, so don’t give her advise and just listen to her. It’s also a good month to look at investments. Even though a part of you may want to relax this month the stars don’t suggest it. Hence, choose your battles with care and don’t react to any situation that makes you uncomfortable.


Dear Pisces, it’s time to give up on that lazy life and dive into something constructive. It’s one thing to plan and take action, but you’re sitting and creating chaos with your thoughts and emotionally confusing your environment. July gives you a chance to be a successful team leader. Your work needs you, your clients need you, and you need to create far more consistency in your professional relationships. What you need to do is deliver your conversations successfully. Singles, it’s time to explore what’s around you instead of going by that list that’s set in stone. Couples, you’ll get some time together to explore one another on multiple levels this month, so make it happen.