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This Is What The Stars Have In Store For You This June 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

With stars in our eyes and hopes of a better world, we gear up to face June 2022.


Welcome Aries, to a month of resolutions; a month where you yet again choose to create new paths with family and close relationships. The 12th brings in a sense of positivity and an ease you didn’t have earlier. It also involves you in new relationships and friendships. Lovers can take their relationships to the next level and couples will find an ease in communicating with each other. The 22nd of June brings with it new projects and financial consistency, however, avoid overspending. Professionals working in the energy sector or the health sector will gain significantly, and business professionals shall strive harder to work with stronger processes and structure in the workplace. But remember, June is a month to enjoy the little things that make you happy—all life changing decisions can wait.


Dear Bull, you are effortlessly placed into the driving position this month professionally. June asks you to focus on making your work grow. The 14th brings in the opportunity to explore new markets and implement positive and constructive changes in the workspace. Personally, you might feel that you’re on a roller-coaster heading into chaos but, don’t worry, communication starts to come alive and flourish after the 26th of this month. Parents, you’ll need to create clear structures academically and help your second born achieve them. Fathers will play an important role in helping their first born make personal decisions. Couples, you won’t get adequate time to bond this month, make the most of what you have. And with a month packed with new heights and dramatic environments, don’t forget to be gentle with yourself.


Darling Twin, this is not a month to waste on how you feel but look at what is the need of the hour. Your wasteful binging into relationships that serve no purpose to you must truly stop. June wants you to take stock of your life so that you can plan better financially. Use your skillset to create a new income and stay committed to it, and invest wisely from the 19th onwards. This time listen to the head, for the heart is singing a dramatic tune. Singles, you’re about to meet people you may like, explore this likeness. Couples, it’s time you pack your bags and head out on a beach with your better half. A little ‘Us’ time is important, and the later part of this month gives it to you easily.


Dear Moon Child, June gives you the opportunity to say “No” in situations and personal environments where you feel you’ve been taken for granted. Say “No” and don’t fear losing anyone. The 15th opens your frequency towards attracting emotionally stable relationships. Singles, it’s time to take a plunge into the dating arena and explore what attracts you. Couples, learn to create healthy boundaries this month and focus on what you like about your partner rather than what you dislike about them; travel is eminent post the 26th of June. Professionals, it’s time to mingle in networking events and enter fearlessly into new circles. Cancer Mothers, your first child will need your ear not your advice. Even though you’re brilliant at giving advice, this time simply listen.


Roar a loud roar, Lion, this month makes you vocal and places a lovely spotlight on your head. Enjoy the attention, Leo. The 16th gives you the availability to close matters professionally that were otherwise troubling you. Money is energy and this energy chooses to look at you from the 24th onwards. Business professionals must create stronger processes in their organisations. Leo, your confidence will help you overpower every situation but don’t make silly decisions by trusting people without checking their credentials. Singles, it’s time to delete idiots from your life who emotionally drain you. Couples, spend some time with your partner, they need your attention now.


Dear Virgo, time is of the essence this month. Choose not to waste it on individuals that derail you from where you want to go professionally. This is not a period to look at new fields in work but strengthen the old; create a watertight team and execute your projects on time. The 22nd brings in frequencies of travel that allows you to meet new people socially and strengthen professional relationships. On the health front, consistent exercise shall help you strengthen your focus and improve your mood. Singles, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level—hiding from commitment will no longer be tolerated. Couples, listen to your partner more than giving them advice, they just want to be heard.


Dear Scales, the world is your oyster and it’s about time that you claim it. June brings in the frequency of hope, family harmony and self confidence. Spend some time with your loved ones, they miss you. Don’t let overthinking about financial consistency overwhelm you. Remember, you need to connect with people, the finances will flow. Please pay attention to any legal contacts and documents before signing them. Singles, sitting on the fence serves no purpose post the 13th this month. Either you decide to plunge into the relationship or move on to better pastures, but make a decision. Couples, your partner shall need your ability to be diplomatic to help them get out of a sticky situation.


Dear Scorpio, hurry and worry suit you no more. Try to let the anger go, learn to forgive yourself, and take care of your physical body. Journaling shall help you release the anxiety that doesn’t let you sleep at night and consistent physical exercise shall help you gain more confidence. Try to have an emotionally communicative relationship with your mother without bringing the past into your present. Business professionals, keep a close eye on your taxation and government matters. Realign your financial resources and invest wisely. The 7th onwards is a fruitful time for you to lay down the structures in order to expand your business. Singles, harmless flirtations shall lead you towards intense conversations, enjoy the new and the now. Couples, remember to communicate as minor misunderstandings can create disruption in the relationship.


Dear Archer, you shall be penny wise pound foolish this June. Be cautious of spending fortunes on idiotic ideas and clueless people. The 4th onwards you enter into a period where making decisions will be a nightmare regarding almost everything. So take some time off and relax, nothing is going nowhere. Your health is however a concern, instead of wanting to keep everyone happy please focus on your gut and back muscles. Regular massages will help calm the mental and physical body down. Professionals, post the 22nd starting a side business is the way to go. Look at creating a solid plan for financial saving by the end of the month and make it work. Singles, your friends shall play matchmaker, don’t get embarrassed, embrace it.


Dear Goat, home is where the heart is. Who you consider family will always be one of your strongest assets, but as you enter into this emotionally overwhelming month you’ll need some alone time to have that cup of tea and relax. Professionals, it’s time for you to play the game of diplomacy and get your work done without lifting a finger. Business professionals, June gives you the availability to be a practical decision-maker. It gives you the creative license to be in charge of bringing in new businesses, financial consistency, and also a whole lot of travel. Singles, it’s time to put on those dancing shoes and explore the possibility of new people entering your personal space. Most of all, be patient with yourself and don’t be in a hurry to close chapters that haven’t even begun.


Your heart wants to run towards a holiday and your head says it’s time to make more money. It’s a crossroads all the way till the 18th. You’re entering a period where balance is key and also sourly missing from your environment. Please create some form of rhythm in your life, this is not a work routine. You must spend some time doing what you love, not what is necessary. Singles may find it very hard to enter new relationships as the old will keep knocking on their door. Your fathers will have all the answers for you; turn to your dad for some good old advice. Couples, don’t let external factors ruin what you have. Take some time to nurture this relationship and you shall see how it blossoms.


Dear Pisces, we understand that you’re torn between wanting to save the world around you and, at the same time, wanting to live your solitary life in peace. Please look at your situation as is and be kind to yourself. Personal relationships will choose to be dramatically diabolical, so take it easy and watch where you’re stepping. Look at your investment portfolio, research the market and make some changes, don’t be in a hurry. It’s also time to improve your skill set by choosing to learn something new. Couples, choose to take a week out and travel; you need some TLC so pay attention to wants and needs along with your partners.