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Here’s your Tarot Reading For June 2022, Based On your Zodiac Sign

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Pooja Khera

Disclaimer: These readings are according to sun signs. Since these are general readings, they may or may not resonate with everyone.

Aries Card Of The Month: Death

Expect sudden changes in your life that will surprise you with the outcome. These could be major changes like the end of a relationship, a job, or something else that will eventually lead to new beginnings. You need to close one door and move ahead. Let go of unhealthy attachments. This may not be the easiest period for you, but will ultimately work in your favour.

Taurus Card Of The Month: Ten Of Pentacles

All your hard work will pay off this month as you can expect rewards and recognitions for your efforts. Financial success and stability are indicated, and you will be able to defeat those who intended to betray you. In relationships you enjoy, affection and positivity, family happiness and sudden financial gains are also indicated.

Gemini Card Of The Month: Six Of Swords

You could be walking an entirely new path this month, moving away from a situation of unhappiness. Don’t let attempts at backlash get you down. You can overcome all endeavours at personal repression now. Expect a transition of some kind forcing you to leave behind old memories and move forward, despite the sadness you may experience.

Cancer Card Of The Month: Ace Of Pentacles

New beginnings or fresh starts are on the cards for you this month. You are at that phase where a new cycle is beginning at least in one area of life. You will be blessed with abundance and prosperity, steadiness and love in relationships, indicating a very stable phase in your life. A new career, a new start or new opportunity is indicated.

Leo Card Of The Month: The Fool

You are ready to embark on a new adventure with a childlike innocence. Yes, there will be fun and spontaneity and the thrill that accompanies it, but clearly, you will not evaluate all the aspects of the situation before diving in. New relationships are indicated. There could either be new beginnings in your existing career, or you put in new energy in existing projects.

Virgo Card Of The Month: Four Of Swords

This is the time to retreat and withdraw from unpleasant situations. You have been through a tumultuous phase and are exhausted. So you need time to recover and heal from the trauma. You need to gain strength and clarity. There is a possibility that you have been betrayed by someone close to, and this will lead you to walk a different path soon.

Libra Card Of The Month: Seven Of Swords

Watch out for deception. You will either try to engage in some sneaky behavior, or someone else will do the same with you. Remain cautious, especially in relationships as there may be deceit involved. Trust people with caution and be mindful of what you see or hear. Colleagues may attempt to sabotage you with gossip, or try to take credit for your work.

Scorpio Card Of The Month: Eight Of Wands

An important news could be coming your way, and you may experience a sudden positive growth. In your workspace, there is a possibility that the decision that you are waiting for will come your way soon. You need to be patient and just wait for it. Avoid making hasty financial decisions. In relationships, don’t force your partner for any commitment.

Sagittarius Card Of The Month: The Hermit

You are in an introspective mood, having those difficult conversations with yourself that perhaps you were avoiding. A potential new mentor will appear in your life. If you have a partner, you will jointly identify areas that you need to improve in your relationship. Take spiritual guidance for your answers, and gain clarity from there.

Capricorn Card Of The Month: The Lovers

A month that could prove momentous, especially on the romantic front. You’ve a choice to make either between two people or two situations, so choose wisely for it will have a long-term impact. For some, your relationship will evolve into a life-long commitment. This is also a month where you will identify your core philosophy for life.

Aquarius Card Of The Month: Page Of Swords

Be alert, and stay vigilant this month. You could be very eager to share some of your recent ideas on a project with your team. This month, you also find yourself spending a lot of time online, for work and personal reasons, as you need to strike a balance. You might receive important news either about legal matters or agreements.

Pisces Card Of The Month: Wheel Of Fortune

The universe is at work this month! The wheels of destiny are changing as you experience deep, intense shifts. One phase of your life is coming to an end, steering you in a new direction where you are meant to be. Great changes can be expected, and adjustments will be needed. There could be significant changes in your career, too. Stay focused on financial matters.

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s June 2022 issue. To read the full interview, get your hands on the latest issue right here!