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This Is What The Stars Have In Store For You This May

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Dear Aries, this month starts on a high note, you attract financial clarity in a workspace and make the most of it. Your internal strength increases as you see people in their true colours. Reacting to them is making them stronger and you weaker, remember that. The eclipse brings in a new wave of people from the past into the present. You’ll be resolving heartaches and misunderstandings. Let bygones go but keep your guard up. Professionals, pay attention to how your colleagues perceive you—business professionals, new opportunities are knocking on your doorstep, investigate them. Singles, first decide what you want in a relationship before jumping into it. Couples, communication is the key to a consistent relationship this month.

Quick tip: Trust only yourself.


Dear Bull, a wave of transition flows in the air. Look at exploring the world around you not settling down. Minor misinterpretations emerge throughout this month, so avoid conflict. Yet, this period is all about you finding your inner voice and using it effectively in your personal space, and standing your ground professionally. Couples get ready as battle lines shall be drawn emotionally, the artillery from the past comes up and you swim in a pool of emotional confusion. Don’t let another perception pull you down, look at finding middle ground. Professionally you enter a month where sporadic movement will create financial gains.

Quick tip: Don’t give personal loans to anyone.


Dear Gemini, a part of you wants to run away from your current situation and the other part wants to stay and fight. Neither of these reactions will serve you. It’s time to look inward and better your nervous system, pay close attention to your digestion and lower back. Children will have an easier month than adults emotionally. Singles, you shall feel a little left out in your social groups, look at exploring new avenues in friendships. Couples, keep your hearing in check and don’t give unsolicited advice to your partner. Professionals, it’s a great month to build a team and create consistency financially.

Quick tip: Keep your advice to yourself.


Dear Moonchild, there’s a lot to gain and little to lose so shed the hurt and anger. The frequency of the eclipses affects you the most. It allows you to be more intuitive, it allows you to manifest desires. Concentrate on what you desire most and let the hurt glide off you. Singles, this month open horizons towards mental stability. Cancer, don’t let the fathers dominate your personal decisions. Couples, a certain distance shall occur in relationships if you don’t balance the social and personal space. Stating that you are ‘busy’ is not an excuse you can use anymore to run away from your responsibilities towards yourself.

Quick tip: Learn to be kind to yourself.


Dear Leo, it’s time to powder your whiskers and comb your mane as you explore and expand your social circle. The eclipse activates your swagger and increases your confidence. You enter a month where creating solutions for the world around you brings you closer to your destiny. Business professionals, your instinct shall guide you to look at new verticals in the current business. Couples. the eclipses put the spotlight on your relationships which proves to be emotionally exhausting, hence, be cautious of over-extending yourself. Singles shall uncover deep connections with multiple individuals—explore every part of them.

Quick tip: Learn to enjoy your vanity.


Dear Virgo, you are deeply rooted in your logical mind, your process-driven systematic understanding of the world. This month shakes things up, it destabilises the way you think. It places you into a river of constant movement where the currents shall transform not only who you are but also the way you work. Embrace this change. May pushes you to look at the world markets and make powerful decisions in your investments. Travel proves to be financially beneficial, be clear in your intentions while collaborating with colleagues. Singles, the eclipses open your heart towards new frequencies of love and loyalty, explore it. Couples, travel with your partner, take time to explore your sensuality this month.

Quick tip: Action is more important than thought.


Dear Scales, it’s time you let go of this emotional clutter you hold so dear to your heart, and the best way to start is by clearing the physical clutter. The eclipses place you into a frequency of new beginnings where the chaos of the past doesn’t serve you. Choose to pay attention to your breath, deep elongated breaths help you release emotional patterns that serve no purpose to you. May also initiates positive shifts towards financial and material resources. Trust your instinct and be receptive to the gifts the universe bestows on you. Fathers shall need to pay closer attention to their daughter’s social circles, and Singles, put your dancing shoes on and party the nights away.

Quick tip: Allow fun to enter your life. 


Dear Scorpio, there’s a deep sense of disappointment you feel in relationships, and you tend to communicate aggressively rather than peacefully, let the eclipses take away all your hurt and pain you hold as an armour within, mending emotional bridges is what May brings forth. Learn to communicate without drama. It’s a fabulous time to create a personal pet idea that later blooms into a full-scale financially successful project. Business professionals lay down the foundation towards expanding your businesses in multiple verticals. Couples, your partner destabilises you this month, don’t plonk their emotional baggage as yours and lay down healthy boundaries. Singles, say “No!” Avoid babysitting baldly brought-up grown-ups thinking that if you love them enough, they will stay.

Quick tip: Learn to forgive yourself. 


Dear Archer, you could pull the rabbit out of the hat this month. Identify what you want and refuse to waste time on pedestrian nonsense. Singles, you need to move out of your hibernating caves and step out to see the sun. It’s big, bright and can present you with multiple gains. Business professionals pay close attention to all government paperwork and contacts. Archers looking to solve property matters will be faced with emotional drama and disputes in the family. Take the drama out and you may be able to reach some resolution. However, delays are imminent, hence, tread carefully. Parents, your second child needs a lot of attention and positive reinforcement, investigate.

Quick tip: Shake off the imaginary weight you hold on your shoulders.


Dear Capricorn, your bark is worse than your bite, and your bark’s going to land you in trouble. Hence, seal your lips, smile gracefully, and get your work done. Your workload shall be gigantic for most of this month. Professionals, the eclipse teaches you to be resourceful and tactful in your communication. Refrain from trusting idiots. Your Fathers shall need to take care of their health and you’ll have to stand your ground in family dramatics. Business professionals if you’re starting something new wait it out. This is a month of resolution, not new beginnings. Couples, pay attention to your partner’s needs and choose to have a healthy communicative relationship. Singles, start paying attention to your needs.

Quick tip: Keep your lips sealed and your mind clear. 


Dear Aquarius, your mothers will always bless you. The relationship you have with them triggers your relationship with work and finances. Use this period to stabilise yourself in work and create a solid future. Professionals, travel shall knock on your doorstep, see if it interests you. New work avenues shall open with close attention to paperwork. Business professionals, manage your network, it’s time you get your marketing machinery updated. Mothers, your youngest needs you emotionally, choose to create some playtime together to bond. Remember Aquarius, food is not a coping mechanism, enjoy the tastes the world offers; obsessing over it shall prove disruptive.

Quick tip: Travel, for the world will be your oyster.


Dear Fish, you stand at a crossroads this month where you juggle multiple roles while deciding to figure out which way to go. Take a breather for starters. Go back to the drawing board and identify your priorities. Wanting to do everything and then not being able to do anything will infuriate you. Firstly, any government matters are to be looked at as a priority as it has the possibility to close this month. Mothers, you’ll have to look at your first child and give them confidence and care. Pushing things down their throat will not help. Work opportunities come your way in the middle of this month. Financial growth knocks on your door as you take control of work. Singles, it’s time you mingle with new people keeping the old as they are.

Quick tip: Believe in yourself.