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This Is What The Stars Have In Store For You This April

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Dear Aries, welcome to a month of revelations and clarity. This month takes away the veil of assumptions and disruptions and it leaves you to be a witness to your reality as is. Be cautious of spending fortunes on others that don’t deserve you. Stand up for yourself and believe in your truth. This month will harden you in some ways and give you a boost of inner strength. Use it wisely and only for yourself. The new beginning brings emotional stability. In the romance department, Singles shall meet and greet with a well-meaning relationship, and Couples, it’s time to make that extra effort towards your partner. Use the energies of April to plan and strategise your goals for the year and don’t let emotions rule you.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Listen to the chant ‘Om’, it shall raise your vibrational frequency and give you the inner strength you so long for.


Dear Taurus, the elemental energy of Venus asks you to slow down in your mind and take stock of where you are in relationships. The energies of this month will shake things up in the home department. Relationships with parents and loved ones will come to a crossroads and choices will need to be made. Professionals, be cautious of signing any document related to a contract as it can later create problems for you. This month also gives you Taureans the ability to create financial abundance for yourself. Step away from the dramatic home front and look at creating a routine that further allows you to move closer to your goals.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Meditate to the sound of a heartbeat, it shall balance you and help you release unwanted fears and emotional pain.


Dear Twin, you have the capacity to be dynamic and diligent this month. The elemental energies of Jupiter allow you to speak your mind amongst people, professionally and personally. You may choose to not get affected by another’s perspective of your current environment. Professionals who wanted a change in their jobs should use the energies of this month to do so. Remember, nothing blocks you from your goal other than your overthinking nature. Go with your instinct while making decisions this month. Singles, all you need to do is mingle without any finality in mind, it’s time to have some fun; couples your relationship intensifies. Choose to take a romantic weekend off and have some fun.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Keep your body in motion—choose to go for a walk.


Dear Moonchild, brace yourself, the rollercoaster is just about to begin. Professionally you shall be compelled to close chapters that were otherwise hanging in the air and move towards stronger new beginnings. On a personal front, new alliances will form, emotional stability arises and doubts regarding ending relationships will fade away. Use the energetic frequency of this month to strengthen your confidence. Improve your body image and choose to have a gentle relationship with your hips and tummy, accepting yourself is the key to abundance this month.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Play light music in your house in the evenings and bring joy and laughter. 


Darling Leo, this month is all about your powerful Roar, make it loud and stand your ground. Professionals will have to create constructive strategies to manage people and their egos on the work front. Being a team leader will come naturally to you, yet April benefits you when you listen to your team. Singles creating healthy intentions in romantic relationships will help you manifest them. To manifest, remember it’s not what you think but how you feel about what you want that gets you closer to it. Couples who are wanting to become parents, this month brings forth the essence of fertility, if interested then act on it.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Get out of the house and plan weekends of adventure, they’ll enable you to destress and relax.


Dear Virgo, April is not about wasting time on people and environments that deter you from your work goals. This month is you laying down the foundation of new beginnings professionally that shall lead you towards financial gain. If you’re intending to invest in the markets, then pay attention to them. Keep a tab on your spending. Spontaneous travels shall open new doors in work. Family takes a backseat as you drive towards your personal goals. Communication is important with parents; Virgos pay close attention to your mothers; they shall need some TLC from you.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Light an oil lamp and sit in silence for five minutes, it shall help you centre yourself. 


Dear scales, a part of you is exhausted due to professional and personal struggles and a part is hopeful for what the years bring to you. Please note: April is where you start to emerge into your highest potential and that only speaks of abundance emotionally, financially, and socially. Prayers will be answered as you step into a new arena of opportunity and growth. Singles pay attention to what you truly desire and see it happen. Couples a certain effort towards your first child will be required. Help your child be more confident. Weekend trips will bring a sense of bonding and family will play an important role at the end of the month.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Believe that life is easy and smooth— affirm that every day. 


Dear Scorpio, you live in a world of illusions and emotional attachments. This is a harsh month for you, be kind to yourself as old relationships will sever and new ones will form. Be cautious of your mind for it plays tricks on you and think clearly for yourself. Professionals, be cautious of all banking matters that are government-related. Scorpios, pay attention to the body—don’t be in a hurry to change it. Just accept who and what you are the why can be dealt with at a later stage. Sometimes just being still personally is more important than hurrying to change oneself. Couples, overcompensating in a marriage because you feel guilty is not going to help you. Take stock of your emotions and be kind to yourself and your partner.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Choice shall help you move in positive directions. 


Dear Archer, this month the word ‘acceptance’ shall play an important role in your head. Your inner strength pushes to you take important decisions regarding your personal goals. Professionals, it’s time you nurture a new skill set that places a new feather in your cap. You enter into a new world order personally where you shall detach from dramatic situations and traumatic relationships. Use this month to lay down the foundation of a new world for yourself. Parents, your second child will need you to pay attention to their emotional needs; fathers don’t be disciplinarians be a little human to a child who just wants a big dose of acceptance from you.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Manifest your reality by learning to believe in yourself—journaling shall pave the way. 


Dear Goat, dwelling on the past shall get you nowhere now. You need to learn to look forward in life personally. On a professional front, you’ll have your hands full this month. Take some time off to replenish yourself. Sleep patterns shall be disrupted and female Capricorns, pay extra attention to your hormonal health. Couples, it’s time to take some time out and just be; discussing controversial family-related conversations shall lead to a dispute. You have enough balls juggling in the air, don’t ask for more than you can handle. You must spend some time with your father and give him counsel on matters close to his heart.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Learn to dance—a little movement will go a long way for you. 


Dear Aquarius, this month brings the truth to the surface where you shall see your relationships in complete clarity. So put yourself first as April intends you to make some powerful connections professionally that will last you a lifetime. Professionals, you enter a frequency that allows you to strengthen your finances. Make the most of what is coming your way and do not shy away from asking your due. The time has come to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Couples, pay attention to your partner’s needs. Singles, it’s time to travel and make some well-meaning relationships.

To be able to use this month most effectively: Learn a new skill set that allows you to enjoy nature.


It is time, dear Pisces, for you to step out of the shadows of diplomacy and take a strong stand about your personal relationships with your parents and spouses. Your honesty is a rare commodity and it’s time you use it. You’ve been feeling disappointed for too long. Here’s where you need to make a mental note—let go of the expectation period! Start reinvesting within yourself. Professionals, it’s a great time to pay attention to your business and a period of growth is just around the corner. Parents you need to give your child a sense of security and confidence. Singles it’s time to have some fun, let your hair down, reconnect with your tribe, and see miracles happen

To be able to use this month most effectively: Use the power of prayer. Ask and you shall receive.