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International Women’s Day: Let The Stars Guide You Through This Month, Ladies

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur

You have stars behind each eyelid, a galaxy in your soul. You are made of fire and earth, from wishes on a shooting star. Your journey begins only when you choose acceptance within the hands of The Creator. Your odyssey is to create a storm.

Happy Women’s Day!


Darling girl, your fierceness shines through this month. Your instinct is on point and it’s time for you to put it into action. Be clear with what you want for yourself, and the universe will deliver.

Your Power Colour: Gold
This helps you attract financial abundance and clarity, and symbolizes expansiveness.


Sweets, this is not the time for you to overcompensate in any relationship. It’s time to take a mental break from idiotic situations you’ve been battling for a while now. Acceptance is your key to loving yourself.

Your Power Colour: Green
This helps you be kind to yourself and symbolizes fertility and dignity.


Darling Twin, your emotions get to be the loudest when you’re mostly silent. Allow the energies of this month to shatter the silence away. Pay attention to your needs and wants. Prioritise yourself.

Your Power Colour: Red
This helps you attract people’s attention and symbolizes passion and sincerity.


Dear Moon Child, remember you expect too much, but no more than you are prepared to give. A little balance will go a long way this month. Pay attention to your relationship with your mother.

Your Power Colour: Silver
This helps you attract consistency in romantic relationships and symbolizes wealth and success.


Lioness, your lipstick is bold, and your words will get bolder now. You need to let go of all nervousness. Enjoy the shock, the little chaos you create around you. It’s much needed.

Your Power Colour: Orange
This helps you attract confidence and clarity, and symbolises confidence and protection.


Dearest Virgo, action is the need of the hour. Pay attention to your short-term goals and identify the game plan. Helping individuals who don’t need your help needs to be avoided.

Your Power Colour: Pale Pink
This helps you attract emotional clarity and symbolizes inner strength and confidence.


Dearest Scales, you are stepping into the spotlight. You are independent and strong, and you love deeply and fight fiercely. You will hear idiots talk about you to dim your light. Just ignore them.

Your Power Colour: Deep Blue
This helps you speak your truth and symbolizes cheerfulness.


Darling girl, you’re hellfire and holy water in the same drink. Enjoy your mind and appreciate your heart. You don’t need to save the world this month, just focus on the little things in life.

Your Power Colour: Purple
This helps you balance your emotions and attracts abundance. It symbolizes maturity and inner strength.


Sweetheart, as you start a new chapter in your life, surround yourself with individuals who talk about startling ideas and visions.

Your Power Colour: Black
This helps you consolidate your ideas and put them into action and symbolizes boldness.


Dearest Goat, you are champagne in a teacup today. You can mould yourself in any environment. That also entails being powerful. It’s a blessing, not a curse.

Your Power Colour: Copper
This helps you speak your truth in dismissive relationships and symbolises sheer determination.


Dear Aquarius, it’s time you take the reins of your work more effectively. So, think creatively, create effectively, and create action. Don’t let another steer your boat right now.

Your Power Colour: Maroon
This helps you attract positive relationships and symbolizes depth, independence, and consistency.


Dear Pisces, your heart leads you in one direction and your thoughts in another this month. Dismiss both. You need to listen to your instincts. Follow your instincts and don’t dissect it.

Your Power Colour: Light Blue
This helps you communicate effectively in professional relationships and symbolises mental strength.