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I Want To Present Everyday Food In A Beautiful Way: Purvi Shah

Comfort food is the way to one’s heart and food content creator, Purvi Shah understands that. Having grown up in Pune, the Maharashtrian cuisine has held a significant influence on her food choices. In fact, she rarely misses a plateful of misal every Sunday. And so, it comes as no surprise that the young content creator turned to homely, nostalgic recipes when it came to building her own brand on Instagram.

Recently, we had the chance to sit down for a chat with Purvi and we discussed everything under the sun. From breaking down her journey towards becoming a food influencer, to discussing the biggest challenges she faces and her source of inspiration, read our exclusive chat below:

In Conversation With Food Content Creator, Purvi Shah

HELLO!: When did your love of documenting your food first begin?

Purvi Shah: “I was initially a food photographer. I was freelancing for a couple of years. And then, once Instagram came up with reels, I thought of posting more and more cooking videos using really simple and homely recipes. Moreover, I have been a vegan for over eight years, so during the lockdown, my goal with food photography was to be able to present it in a beautiful way, so much so that even if a non-vegan saw, they’d be tempted to try it. With content creation, I wanted to blend my skills of photography, videography and storytelling and present everyday food in a nice and beautiful way.”

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H!: What are some challenges you faced as a food content creator?

PS: “My content is heavily based on regional recipes. Most of them are forgotten recipes and they are Maharashtrian. At this moment, I’m finding it difficult to expand my content beyond that. But besides that, I am very grateful for the audience I have developed. It has not been a tough journey.”

H!: How do you decide how often to post? Do you have any set content plans?

PS: “Initially, when reels came into picture and I was trying to figure out my niche and my style of shooting, I was posting regularly, like, every single day. Then came a point where it became evident that I’m not going to be able to sustain that, so now, I post three times a week. But this way, I’m more mindful about the quality of my content.

And as for the content plan, it kind of depends season to season, of course. Like right now, it’s summer so almost all my recipes are centered around mangoes, raw mangoes and all the available veggies. It’s also about easily available ingredients, so I like preparing dishes you can make by just getting vegetables from your closest market, that you can a few masalas to and you’ll have a great meal!”

H!: And who would you say is your biggest source of inspiration when it comes to your recipes?

PS: “My mother and all of the traveling that I have done in Maharashtra. I grew up Gujarati but my favourite cuisine is Maharashtrian because I was born and brought up in Pune.”

H!: Can you name a dish that you have very special memories attached to?

PS: “Oh my gosh. As of now, it is Amaras with puri or these specific type of rotis which we call Padwari rotis. And in summers, it was my job to make them whenever all of my cousins would come home during the vacation and mom had other work to do. That is one of my best memories.”

 H!: And what is your go-to comfort food?

PS: Oh, too many. But, if I had to just name one… This is going to sound really weird and it won’t make sense to a lot of people, but I am obsessed with this dish called misal. I follow a slightly strict diet where I don’t consume anything fried and try to avoid gluten. But every Sunday, I eat a plate of misal pav. In fact, anytime I visit a new place or city in Maharashtra, I have to try every single spot that serves misal!”

H!: What advice do you have for budding food content creators?

PS: “Firstly, please do not copy anyone. You can take inspiration, but it’s really important to create your own style. As soon as someone sees your content, they should know that it is yours. So try to develop your style. The way to do this is just through experimenting. Even I had to go through different styles to understand what my audience is liking. So, even if you don’t get views. It’s okay, don’t be scared. Consistency will get you there.”