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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Bingeing On Berries This Summer

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Neha Karra

For those wishing to indulge in something sweet during the summer without taking on the guilt of accumulating calories, munching on some berries is a great healthy option. Whether it is your favourite smoothie, yoghurt, oatmeal or your morning cereal, adding a few berries to your plate always adds vibrance and amplifies its nutritional value.

During the sweaty months, it is natural to feel dehydrated, tired and sluggish due to the rampant water loss. Here are five reasons experts recommend adding berries to your diet this summer:

5 Reasons To Include Berries In Your Diet During Summers

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1. Storehouse Of Anti-Oxidants: Dr Ankita Sehgal Gupta, a leading nutritionist, says, “These tiny fruits are gems packed with antioxidants and act like warriors fighting free radicals that damage our cells and thus help annihilate oxidative stress”. The antioxidants in the berries neutralise these free radicals and help you detoxify your body, protect your skin and hair from damage, and prevent further cell and tissue damage to help slow down signs of ageing.

2. Great Source Of Fibre: During the summers, your body is prone to getting dehydrated and this lack of water, along with the external heat, contributes to indigestion. Berries contain soluble fibre that helps promote better gut health and digestion.

3. Powerhouse Of Vitamin C And Flavonols: According to Dr Priyanka Jaiswal, the founder of Diet2Nourish in Delhi, India has many indigenous berries — Ber (Indian Jujube), Jamun (Java Plum), Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Karonda (Carandas Plum), Phalsa (Indian Sherbet Berry), Kokum (Goa Butter Tree), Rasbhari (Cape Gooseberry) and Shahtoot (Mulberries) — which are a treasure trove of Vitamin C and flavonols. The potent combination of these two vitamins helps boost immunity and fight viral and bacterial infections.

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4. Great Source Of Folic Acid: Berries blueberries and cranberries have high levels of folic acid that helps to break the bonds of malefic proteins in the body and promotes the production of healthy blood cells that help in better oxygenation of the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart-related issues.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure: Low levels of water content in the body may cause your blood to get thicker during the summer. Berries contain loads of polyphenols that help promote better cardiovascular functioning and help ease the pressure exerted by the blood on your arteries, thereby promoting better circulation throughout the body.