Chandon Limited edition gift pack© Chandon

Chandon’s Limited Edition Pack Is Here For Your Gifting Needs

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If you’ve been struggling to come up with an idea for a special gift for a loved one then Chandon might have a solution for you. LVMH’s sparkling wine Maison has partnered with artist Lekha Shastry to create a one-of-a-kind gift pack exclusively for India.

An artist with the Art&Found, a platform that seeks to make art more accessible, Shastry has created a limited edition pack for Chandon inspired by her interpretation of the brand’s ethos of opening a ‘World of Possibilities’ with their products.

Chandon Limited edition gift pack©Chandon

The limited edition gift pack was launched at an exclusive event hosted in Mumbai. To highlight Chandon’s core belief of exploring a ‘World of Possibilities’, the guests in attendance could make their own cocktails at a DIY bar with garnishes and botanicals from all over the world.

The pack contains six Chandon domains from across the world to represent the unique diversity it represents and the fact that it has always been about giving the people a taste of the country it has originated from in a glass. Shastry was inspired by the brand’s rich heritage and diversity and translated that into her design through dreamy landscapes juxtaposed against the world map. Her unique technique of using shadow and paper cutwork with silver and gold foil represents the feeling of celebration and joy that the sparkling wine evokes.

Chandon Limited edition gift pack©Chandon

“Chandon is the sparkling wine that adds the ‘spark’ to every joyous moment,” said Ipsita Das, the Managing Director at Moët Hennessy India, on the limited-edition gift pack, “For years we have celebrated a collaborative spirit, one that connects all six Chandon domains and brings them together as one and this pack is an ode to exactly that. We are excited about inspiring newer consumers into our brand world. Chandon’s mission of giving & marking joy has never been more relevant. It has never been more important to be mindful of the transient pleasures that elevate human experiences.”

The gift pack will be sold alongside a Chandon flute and will be priced at INR 2,500. It will be available for a limited period of time in select retail outlets in cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Pune, Goa, Lucknow, and Chandigarh.