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Why Are People Adding Olive Oil To Their Coffee?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Whether you like it with as much sugar and cream as you can add to your mug or prefer it blacker than the heart of all Mondays, coffee is one thing that unites us all. There are hundreds of recipe variations across the world for coffee lovers and a new trend has started getting popular that has gotten us intrigued. Would you try mixing a spoonful of olive oil in your coffee?

You can credit Starbucks for starting this trend. The international coffee chain’s Italy outpost has launched an Oleato line which promises ‘velvety smooth and lush’ coffee with the addition of a spoonful of Sicilian olive oil. While the drink is currently available only in select outlets across the world, is the trend worth trying at home?

Why olive oil and coffee?

Traditionally, there have been no recipes that call for the addition of olive oil to coffee. The closest approximation we can think of is the Bulletproof Coffee that became popular a few years ago which called for the addition of grass-fed butter or MCT oil in coffee.

The Oleato line by Starbucks has been inspired by the Mediterranean practice of ingesting a spoonful of olive oil in the morning for better health. Since this is also a time that people usually take their morning coffee, the company decided to combine the two for a drink.

What are the benefits of adding olive oil to your coffee?

According to several testimonies, adding olive oil to the coffee doesn’t affect the taste at all. However, some claim that the oil tends to settle at the bottom of the mug and makes it difficult to finish the last bit of the coffee. So are there any benefits to the practice? Some experts claim that the olive oil present in the coffee can coat the lining of your stomach and slow down the absorption of caffeine while also neutralising the acidity of the coffee.

Olive oil, on its own, is packed with health benefits. It’s good for your heart and can regulate your blood pressure. It is also a good source of antioxidants and vitamins.

Should you add olive oil to your coffee in the morning?

Unless you’re living somewhere close to a Starbucks that features the Oleato line, you can try the coffee trend for yourself at home and see if you like it or not firsthand. Just make sure to use extra virgin olive oil and mix it using a hand-held mixer or a blender.

Or you can just stick to drinking coffee the regular way and use the olive oil to cook and reap its health benefits that way.