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15 Exquisite Restaurants You Must Visit In Qatar

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With Qatar playing host to FIFA World Cup 2022, the world became aware of all the amazing things the country has to offer. From stunning architecture to a rich cultural heritage, Qatar has firmly made its place on every ‘must-visit’ list of any travel aficionado.

The country is home to people from different parts of the world and the multicultural society has resulted in a thriving culinary culture that is reflected in the number of exquisite fine-dining restaurants it has to offer.

Qatar is home to some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, as well as cuisines from all over the world. The delectable food, combined with the opulent surroundings, makes it a must-visit for any foodie in the country.

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ADRIFT Anda by David Meyers

Chef David Meyers uses his Michelin-starred talent at the Doha branch of his famous restaurant, which was inspired by his travels throughout Tuscany. The restaurant has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, as well as mouthwateringly delicious Italian cuisine.

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Zengo Doha

Situated at the 61st floor of the Kempinski Residences and Suites, this is Qatar’s highest restaurant. The vibrant decor and breathtaking view compliment the award-winning dining experience created by Chef Richard Sandoval who is known for his Pan-Asian cuisine with a twist.

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Nobu Doha

Anyone familiar with the fine dining scene would know that Nobu is synonymous with luxury and good food. The one in Doha is the world’s biggest Nobu and its oyster-shaped architecture pays homage to Qatar’s pearl-diving heritage.

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One of the restaurants in W Doha, COYA is a must-visit because of its gorgeous interiors that are only trumped by the delicious Peruvian cuisine on offer. Right from the art on the walls to the tribal beats in the restaurant, COYA offers a multi-sensory journey from the moment you walk in.

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Three Sixty

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, then look no further than Three Sixty, the only revolving restaurant in Qatar. It’s located in at The Torch in Doha, one of the country’s most iconic landmarks, and offers diners a uniquely curated Mediterranean menu.

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This Andalusian-style brasserie is the brainchild of Chef Andy Garcia, who uses his travel experiences from around across the world to bring an international twist to classic Spanish flavours.

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Parisa Souq Waqif

About a minute’s walk away from the bustling Souq Waqif, this restaurant offers authentic Persian delights amidst mesmerizing interiors. The opulent insides of the restaurant are decorated with ornate chandeliers, intricate mosaics, and thousands of tiny mirrors handpicked from Iran that was assembled in the restaurant over a period of three years. The restaurant also features in the FIFA World Cup anthem ‘Dreamers’ by Jungkook.

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Nestled in one of the most iconic cultural hotspot of Doha, the National Museum of Qatar, Jiwan is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to explore the true taste of Qatar. It’s menu is carefully curated to introduce diners to the country’s rich historical background through ancient Bedouin cooking techniques and indigenous ingredients.

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Morimoto Doha

The iconic Japanese restaurant by ‘Iron Chef’ Masaharu Morimoto has found a home in Qatar as well. The food is a “bridge between culinary traditions” and is paired with stunning architecture that’s a visual feast.

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Located at the top floor of the Museum of Islamic Art, IDAM is the brainchild of renowned chef Alain Ducasse. While the museum will give you a chance to explore the rich history of Islamic art, the restaurant will give you a chance to sample Meditarranean cuisine with a twist of eclectic Arabian flavours.

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Smat, which literally translates to ‘dining table’ in Arabic, is a must-visit if you want to try aunthentic Qatari cuisine. Along with a robust selection of traditional dishes on the menu, the restaurant also offers breathtaking views of the Doha Corniche, the city’s waterfront promenade.

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Nammos Doha

Set along the coast of the gorgeous and newly opened Al Maha Island, NAMMOS is an alluring destination for those seeking to indulge in a Mediterranean flavour. Relish delectable dishes that please the palate and the eyes, both with smooth and divine gastronomy.

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Sushi Samba

Nestled within the grant flamboyance of the new Waldorf Astoria Lusail, Sushi Samba offers an authentic taste of everything from Japanese tempura and sushi, to Brazilian churrasco and moqueca. The open cocktail bar, live sushi counter, and kitchen celebrate the restaurant’s signature culinary flair and energy.

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Iksha 360

You can now experience a 360° view with fine dining at one of the highest Indian restaurants in the world. with IKSHA 360. Opened in collaboration with, Chef Rohit Ghai, the first Indian chef in the world to win a Michelin star, Iksha 360 offers a delicious Asian cuisine with a relaxing atmosphere.

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Masala Library, Fairmont

Masala Library offers a meditative, theatrical, and an immersive tasting menu that represents aspects of Indian geography and culture. The restaurant offers a combination of dishes across preferences and are particularly crafted to match every individual’s diverse mood.

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These restaurants are just a tip of the iceberg of the rich and varied culinary landscape of Qatar. The country’s food scene is exquisite and has something for every kind of diner. So what are you waiting for? Add these food destinations to your itinerary and have the best time on your trip to the stunning holiday destination.

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