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This Picturesque US Town Will Pay You To Eat Out For A Month

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

What if someone told you that you would be rewarded for eating out for a month? You’d probably file it under ‘Things that seem too good to be true’, right? Wrong! A small town in California is offering visitors and locals a chance to earn money while eating out in the restaurants and cafes!

San Luis Obispo, California, has launched ‘Eat Local Bonus’ program, with the help of its Chamber of Commerce, to encourage people to dine out as a way for local businesses to thrive.

The town, which looks straight out of a beautiful postcard, has a number of local wineries, restaurants, cafes, and breweries where people can go and eat while earning rewards for the same.

The city’s website claims that anyone who spends $100 on food and beverages at local spots can submit their receipts to get a $25 gift card that can be redeemed at another local business. People can submit multiple receipts and can collect upto three gift cards this month before the promotion ends.

“January is typically one of the most challenging months for the restaurant industry, and we’re hoping to change that here in SLO,” said San Luis Obispo city manager Derek Johnson, “The City of San Luis Obispo is proud to provide this direct economic stimulus to local restaurants and eateries to help them stay open and thrive.”

In case you happen to find yourself around the city this month, make sure to support local and earn rewards while you’re at it!