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South Goa Gets Its First Modern Indian Restaurant With Juju

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

In case you’ve been planning a winter break trip to Goa in the coming months, we’ve got a new spot for you to add to your itinerary. South Goa has a new food and drinks destination and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Juju, the region’s first modern Indian restaurant, has opened its doors finally and you can enjoy its delicious and meticulously curated menu of innovative dishes and signature cocktails while enjoying your beach vacation.

When asked why they picked South Goa as the location for Juju, co-founder Bhavna Bahl Talwar, who founded the restaurant with her brother, said, “South Goa has no modern Indian restaurant, but has a huge footfall of tourists both domestic and international. There are also very few places where people can step out for drinks or food here. We are in a belt where there are many luxury hotels in the vicinity and hope to give them a quality and interesting option to stay in the south part of Goa than venture all the way up North.”

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She also spoke about how the restaurant has been designed to incorporate South Goa’s unique charm. “Juju is set in a small, quiet village in Colva with very friendly neighbours. We have an ancient Portuguese-era well within the premises which has been retained at the entrance of the restaurant. It also provides fresh water to us as well as to the village folks,” she said, “The lush plants that are growing around goa have been carefully and artistically planted in the gardens. Music is integral to Goa and we are planning for live bands and musicians to perform on set days in the week. As for the food, we have offerings from all over India presented and flavoured in a very palatable format with our unique twists and interpretations. For example, our chosen Goan dishes like the Mussels are modern renditions of food that is eminent in South Goa.”

Speaking of food, the restaurant boasts of a menu that has been designed by award-winning chef Avinash Martins. The menu offers a contemporary twist to traditional Indian regional food. “We were keen to offer regional Indian flavours as there is a dearth of options when it comes to Indian food, but at the same time, we wanted a restaurant that has a very modern and contemporary cuisine and outlook,” said co-founder Raghav Roshan Bahl, “Hence, we decided to create a menu that draws inspiration from regional foods of India and adds an eclectic and modern spin to them and could not have asked for a better talent to collaborate with than Martins.”

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The restaurant’s drink menu has been conceptualised by renowned Russian mixologist Evgenya Prazdnik, who has created a host of signature cocktails that highlight one iconic element from each state.

If you’re looking for recommendations for food and drinks at Juju, the co-founders have got your back. “The Sandras Spritz in the cocktails (a jasmine and dry gin-based cocktail), the Duck Khurchan Bhondas, Betul Mussels and the Malai Wasabi Broccoli in the starters, the Kerala Crab in the mains and the Coconut Fig Chocolate Tart for dessert,” said Talwar.

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Her brother’s recommendations include, “The Karnatakila cocktail (a tamarind and tequila-based concoction), the Haleem Tostadas and the Mushroom Galoutis in the starters and Lamb Shank with Tzatziki and Berry Pulao in the mains. The Tender Coconut Rasmalai is also a must-try.”

So, there you have it! Whether you’re going to Goa with your girl group or taking a mini family vacay, do not forget to try Juju in South Goa.