Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh© Getty Images

Sorry, Ranveer! You’ll Never Be Deepika Padukone’s First Love

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Yes, we’ve seen (and contributed) to the multiple hyperbolic declarations of how Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the perfect couple and embodiment of the generously granted hashtag of Relationship Goals.

But as it turns out, a little investigation into DP’s Instagram feed will quickly disabuse you of the notion that Singh is her first love. It is, and seems like it will always be, anything chocolate.

The stunning superstar’s love for the indulgent treat is well documented, so much so that you can’t scroll down her Instagram without craving some yourself.

The actress first introduced her love for chocolates through a filtered photo of a slice of chocolate cake that she supposedly consumed before her first trip to Cannes.

It was just the tip of a chocolate-coated iceberg.

Padukone doesn’t discriminate in which form she encounters her first love, be it a chocolate cake, brownies, or straight-up gigantic chocolate bars.

Her social media presence has always veered between frequent #OOTDs and a heavily curated and produced glimpse into her life for her followers. In between smouldering make-up looks and runway-worthy outfits, the actress shared a video of herself enjoying a chocolate bar, with the caption that simply suggested that the video should be shared with fellow chocolate lovers.

In another such video, the Padmaavat actress shared her daily routine with her followers (“No two days look the same”) and, to nobody’s surprise, chocolate made an appearance there too.

A few months ago, Padukone was at Cannes again, this time as a jury member, and revealed that she had been presented with the “gift of a decade”, a gigantic Twix bar.

It seems like her husband has caught on to his secondary status in DP’s heart. For their anniversary this year, the 83 actor surprised her in the middle of a busy workday with flowers and, you guessed it, chocolates. He helpfully explained that chocolates would work better than diamonds for his wife.

With all the evidence that we’ve gathered over the years, we can’t say he’s wrong with that one.