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Is Your Favourite Celebrity On Team ‘Pineapple On Pizza’ Or Not?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

There are a few issues that divide countries, tear apart families, and threaten to bring humanity to the brink of collapse, like which ‘Chris’ is the superior Chris in Hollywood? (If the answer was anything other than Chris Pine, you are a monster who doesn’t deserve any rights), or do you put milk before cereal in the bowl or are you normal?

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But the most divisive one of all is the controversial pineapple as a topping on pizza.

The debate has been raging for years and neither of the two camps has managed to convince the other of their cause. There are those who claim the sweet fruit has no place on top of a delicious pizza and there are those who think the sweet and savoury flavours are sublime and those who hate it just haven’t tried it yet.

The debate is so popular that even Stranger Things weighed in on it when in Volume 2, Eleven tries a pizza with pineapple and loves it, much to Mike’s horror.

The Hawaiian pizza, as it’s called (not based on the place of its origin, as it was invented in Canada), is a universally debated issue and, naturally, has some famous supporters and haters.

More recently, Harry Styles confirmed that he firmly belongs in the ‘Pineapple on Pizza Needs To Go’ team. The ‘As It Was’ singer was performing at a concert in Chicago when he spotted a fan holding up a sign asking him whether or not he prefers pineapple on pizza. Styles clearly mouthed a “never” and sent his fans (and pineapple on pizza truthers) into a tizzy.

Styles is joined by celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Gordon Ramsay, Jessica Chastain, Eddie Redmayne, and Jimmy Kimmel. In a segment in his late-night talk show, Kimmel said, “Pineapples do not belong on pizza. I don’t care where you’re from. Any pizza that tastes better with pineapple wasn’t a good pizza. It’s not even a pizza it’s like a pizza colada.”

But on the opposite hand, the Hawaiian pizza has many celebrity fans, including Parineeti Chopra, Paris Hilton, Justin Trudeau, Justin Bieber, Tom Holland, Jeff Goldblum, and Dwayne Johnson.

The question is: which side of the debate do you fall on?