Drew Barrymore© Getty Images

Drew Barrymore’s Viral ‘Pizza Salad’ Has The Internet Divided

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Over the years, celebrities have found many ways to confound us with one of their food hacks, like Kourtney Kardashian’s borderline criminal way of eating a KitKat or Selena Gomez’s love for eating pickles sandwiched between Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

This time around, it’s Drew Barrymore and her ‘pizza salad’.

Pizza has always been divisive, whether it’s with the choice of toppings (Team Pineapple on top vs Normal people) or the direction you eat the pizza from (crust first or pointy end first).

With Barrymore’s latest video, racking up millions of views no less, the Internet has found another reason to argue over pizza.

The actress posted a video of her revealing the secret hack she follows when she wants the deliciousness of pizza without the guilt of eating bread.

In the video, she grabbed a slice of a delicious-looking veggie pizza with, what looked like, capsicum and olive on top and then proceeded to remove all the toppings from the pizza into a plate while chucking the bread bit to the side.

“I just take the top of the pizza and a little salad, which has basically all the same toppings as the pizza, and then I make a pizza salad,” she said in the video.

To Barrymore’s credit, she does acknowledge that most people would be horrified when they see her desecrate a slice of pizza like that but she implores people to try the “delicious and crunchy” salad, especially if they’re allergic to gluten or have other dietary restrictions.

Predictably, most of the reactions to the video ranged from “This is blasphemy!” to “This is not half bad, Drew might be onto something!” Which team do you think you’d fall on?!