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Celebrate International Coffee Day By Trying These Celebrity Coffee Recipes

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Eesha Kulkarni

On the occasion of International Coffee Day (1 October) and with autumn right around the corner, a brew-tiful, warm beverage is just what we all need. There are regular coffee drinkers and then there are Lorelai-Gilmore-would-be-proud coffee drinkers, and you and I are already besties if you’re the latter. And, an entire day dedicated to coffee is the perfect excuse to go cafe-hopping or try out new recipes at home, and consume ungodly amounts of the drink slash elixir of life.

From Jacqueline Fernandez’s ‘bulletproof’ coffee recipe to Barbra Streisand’s instant coffee ice cream, these celebrity-formulated recipes definitely demand your attention. Whether you want to indulge your coffee addiction in a healthy way by adding ghee (clarified butter) to black coffee, or simply turn it into a dessert if your sweet tooth is kicking in, there’s no wrong way of consuming coffee in my opinion.

Read on to bookmark the coffee recipes that have come straight from your favourite celebrities’ kitchens

Jacqueline Fernandez

Sri Lankan export and Bollywood actres Jacqueline Fernandez shared her secret ‘bulletproof’ coffee recipe on YouTube a couple of years ago and people were fascinated. Bulletproof coffee is basically plain black coffee with a spoonful of ghee or clarified butter added to it, and it’s been blowing up in the health and fitness community online thanks to its low calories and health benefits. Sounds weird? Well, don’t dismiss it just yet.

Fernandez is an avid social media user, and has her own YouTube channel featuring her travel adventures, fun vlogs, fitness journey and beauty tips. She shared the recipe for her version of the bulletproof coffee, called ‘Lungo coffee’ in a YouTube video titled “My Secret Coffee Recipe! #3MinuteHacksWithJacques.”

Lungo coffee is the Italian rendition of the short black espresso with lots of water added to it. This coffee is bitter and stronger than regular coffee, and definitely not for the weak of heart. In the video, the actress blitzed together a spoonful of grass-fed ghee and a splash of brain octane oil or MCT oil in the blender, and then poured a shot of espresso over it, claiming it to be a perfect drink to complement her diet which includes intermittent fasting.

Shilpa Shetty

Another beloved Bollywood star-turned lifestyle and fitness influencer and certified foodie in the best way possible, Shilpa Shetty’s YouTube channel is full of culinary gems which people seem to lap up instantly. While teaching the ‘art of loving food,’ Shetty shared the recipe for her healthy yet tasty butter coffee, perfect for people on a keto or a low-carb diet who wish to lose weight and encourage fat loss. She mixed together 1/4th cup of freshly brewed coffee, half a cup of almond milk, a dash of vanilla essence, one and a half tablespoon of melted butter and lastly, a pinch of pink salt and blended it for a few seconds in a mixer/blender. The actress then served the coffee in adorable shot glasses and informed her viewers of its health benefits. According to her, this drink provides energy, helps curb appetite and aids weight loss as well.

Emma Chamberlain

The undisputed coffee queen of YouTube—this list wouldn’t have been complete without Emma Chamberlain, whose intense love for the brew drove her to launch her own explosive coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, definitely has a recipe for us. Even though she keeps tweaking her coffee recipes periodically, the essence of each one remains the same. She shared her all-time go-to favourite recipe in one of her YouTube videos, which featured a flavourful cold brew with loads of ice in true Emma style. The MET Gala prodigy began with explaining how she brews her coffee by dipping three giant steeped Chamberlain Coffee bags in 600 millilitres of water in a sealed mason jar and letting it do its thing overnight. She then threw together loads of ice, the freshly cold brewed coffee, vanilla almond milk and some nut pod creamer and stirred it together to reveal the deliciously refreshing concoction. Go try this recipe, stat!

Kriti Sanon

To make Sanon’s coffee, simply add a tablespoon of instant coffee powder, some raw honey for sweetness and a scoop of collagen creamer in a mug and pour hot water over it. Blitz it all together with a portable frother and you’re good to go! This easy recipe is a great way to start your mornings on a healthy note and satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Barbra Streisand

This one’s not exactly your traditional coffee recipe, but I thought we could treat ourselves with Barbra Streisand’s dessert recipe, perfect for post-dinner sweet cravings. Making ice cream at home may seem like a daunting task, but Streisand—who blessed us with a machine-free recipe for decadent coffee ice cream—may change your mind.

The Funny Girl actress magically transformed the humble instant coffee into ice cream in just 45 minutes with the help of a few other ingredients and topped it off with hot chocolate sauce. All you need is 1 cup whole milk, some marshmallows, two teaspoons of instant coffee, a pinch of kosher salt and 1 cup heavy cream to whip up the delectable ice cream.

To prepare it, heat the milk on a low flame, add the marshmallows, a few at a time, and stir until they have dissolved. Dump in the instant coffee powder and salt to the mix and remove from heat once everything is fully dissolved and mixed properly. Whip the heavy cream in a large bowl till it forms stiff peaks and fold in the cooled marshmallow mixture, and pour it into ice cube trays or a container of your choice. Let this mixture freeze for at least 8 hours or overnight and enjoy! Top it with chocolate sauce or chopped nuts for an elevated dessert-eating experience. I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling like a pro chef after taking in this recipe.

So, celebrate International Coffee Day in the best way possible—with a celebrity-approved cup of joe in tow.